Video: Kate Moss’ Wedding – Rock and Roll Great Gatsby

Kate Moss will always be dear to my heart as I have essentially grown up with her. I remember being at the newsagent when her iconic The Face cover, shot by Corinne Day came out and being mesmerised by her, she felt like such a fresh new burst of energy into the unattainably glamorous world of the supermodels. I worked with her assisting Kay Montano on a Bruce Weber shoot and I can, hand on heart, say she is the most superb model I have ever worked with – when Kate is working she is ON, with the most extraordinary presence and the ability to project that essential je ne sais quoi like no one else in the business.
And now she’s married! Can’t wait to get my mitts on the US September Vogue to see all the pics first hand. Until then these vids will have to suffice. Enjoy!

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