Video: Bobbi Brown by Bruce Weber

Bobbi Brown Celebrates 20 Years of Beauty

Wow, how can it be twenty years since Bobbi Brown first hit the makeup scene with her revolutionary take on neutrals and her fresh approach to beauty? I remember stalking her counter in London (she was only in the big cities in those days), in the early 1990’s, and the idea of foundation for not only yellow skin tones but ALL skin tones from the palest through to the deepest, was seriously revolutionary. Her ethos of enhancing what one naturally has is something that’s important in my own makeup work, embracing one’s own beauty instead of masking it.

To mark her 20th anniversary, Bobbi has released a new scent, aptly called Party Fragrance, and it’s part of her Party collection due out in November. Regular readers will know that I can’t wear perfume due to olfactory changes and pregnancy (which was quite a while ago now). I do keep trying to wear perfume and I guess it’s better than it was, but there are far better judges of perfume than me out there.

What I CAN show you is this absolutely beautiful film, shot by Bruce Weber to commemorate Bobbi Brown’s twentieth year in the business of making people beautiful. Bruce is my all-time favourite photographer, and I was fortunate enough to work with him in London whilst assisting Kay Montano, one of his long-time collaborators. This video has all the hallmarks that I love about Bruce’s work – gorgeous people, lovely music and lots of divine dogs. Enjoy!



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