Trends: Supernatural

People think supernatural makeup is easy – a step up from nothing. It can be – think concealer, curled lashes and a little lip and cheek stain. This is particularly effective if you are a model. For the rest of us, natural makeup can take a bit more work. GREAT Supernatural makeup means having the right colours to emphasise your features, highlighting in the right places and delicious looking skin with soft sweet lips, like Mother Nature just likes you very, very much. This can take some work.

Here’s some of the products I am currently loving to create Natural, but the Super version of it.

Skincare – High on my rotation list at the moment is Aesop’s Parsley Seed Antioxidant Hydrator. It’s a light facial moisturizing fluid that’s perfect for the hotter weather as it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. The Parsley Seed range is my favourite Aesop line – I have yet to find a dud product in it and my only complaint is that my husband keeps stealing mine.

I’m also loving the Australian natural skincare range called Jojoba. The Hydrating Day cream gives the most beautiful, natural base for makeup, and it uses 100% natural Australian jojoba as a base for all its beautiful range of products. I particularly like it as it’s natural, (no parabens, chemicals or SLS, so for sensitive types like myself, it’s perfect). And it feels bloody amazing, that I can tell you. (

Obviously being supernaturally beautiful means perfect skin. This can take more than just a quick coat of foundation. Tinted moisturiser, like Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturiser, Estee Lauder’s Nutritious or Chanel’s new Vitalumiere Aqua makeup would all be good choices. Darker skin tones, as ever, should head to Becca or Bobbi Brown for the best dark toned foundations and concealers.

Brows are key for a good natural look. If your brows already have a good shape, just brush them through with a spooly brush and groom them with a brow gel (MAC and Illamasqua both make good clear brow gels). If your brows need a bit of help, I’m currently favouring brow pencils again. Sax Cosmetics (available at chemists in Australia) have an AWESOME brow pencil that is one of my top products at the moment. It has a spooly brush on the end and the colour I’m personally using is 09 Medium Brown. Nothing else has been touching my brows since I got it, and let me tell you, my brows are scary left to their own devices. Shu Uemura’s Seal Brown Hard pencil is also a great all-purpose one that seems to suit pretty much everyone.

Blush is key to this look as you want to look healthy and vibrant without a powdery finish, so I always go for a cream blush. Favourite options would be Becca Cream Blushes, Stila Convertible Colours and Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges. Head to a counter and try a few on – the one that disappears into your skin and makes you look like you’re in love – well that’s your guy, right there.

Lashes need to be curled, and LIGHTLY mascaraed, so put away those heavy volumizing mascaras that everyone is so enamoured of at the moment. May I suggest Max Factor’s Lash Extension Effect mascara, for your perusal? You could go black, or brown for the ultimate natural lash.

Highlighters again depend on skintone, and Becca and Benefit both do gorgeous ranges of highlighting liquids that will keep you looking beautifully irradiated (not in a nuclear reactor way). Go easy on the luminisers if you’re going to be in full sun though, that angelic glow at home can turn into sunglass-needing high beam glitter ball in no time flat in harsh sunlight. Then you’ll look like you’ve been trying waaaay too hard.

Eyeshadow is optional. Darker skins may want to add a sheen to the eyes with something shiny like Elizabeth Arden’s classic 8 Hour Cream, or a touch or Burberry’s delicious Midnight Brown eyeshadow. Fairer skins may want a gentle dusting of Burberry’s Almond in the crease (just FYI – Burberry do the BEST range of natural makeup around. If you really do want to look like you but better, you can’t go wrong with Burberry Beauty. I thought I couldn’t possibly need any more neutral eyeshadows or earthy blushes, but it turns out I was very wrong.) On a recent au naturale shoot I gave Burberry’s shadows a big work-out and I can attest to their being the ultimate for natural gorgeousness.

Lips are also key as they need to look totally undone but utterly divine, with just the right flush of colour. I love the Revlon Just Bitten lip stains for this. A genius lip stain with a lip balm on the other end, they go on without drying and don’t need retouching for hours.

I decided to try these when I had private clients who needed a long lasting but non-drying base for their lips, as I wouldn’t be there to retouch. The colours look like natural lips, and are a great base for more lip colour (if you were planning to do more of a lip. Which you wouldn’t, as that’s not SUPERNATURAL.) My favourite Just Bitten colours are Victorian and Passion.

I also love the Revlon Lip Butters for this look (which I’ve blogged about before). Any colour of these that’s right for you will do as they are all sweet little nothings, like a whisper on your lips. So just what Mother Nature intended, but on some days maybe she forgets.

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