Santa’s Little Helper – The Makeup Gift Guide

I had my whole Christmas post based on a clip of Will Ferrell in Elf, but unfortunately Warner Brothers in their absolute wisdom have decided you can’t embed the clip in a post. So if you feel so inclined, please check it out on YouTube here.

Just because it’s probably the best Christmas movie of all time, and possibly also the best Will Ferrell moment ever committed to celluloid (with perhaps, the exception of his Jazz Flute solo in Anchorman, but that’s for anther post), I couldn’t resist adding this video of Buddy the Elf showing how he feels about Santa. And it’s how I feel about Santa too if he’s going to bring me the following:

Nars D. Lovely Lip Gloss CoffretNARS D. Lovely Lipgloss Coffret – Eight of these sweet little nothings (most of which I don’t already have). Yes please. There’s something about mini Christmas makeup that brings out my worst makeup acquisitiveness.

Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipsticks – Five beautiful lipsticks in shades of berry and wine, which is my pick for the upcoming season. Nobody does lippie like Estee Lauder.

Chanel Holiday – Everything. That is all.

Illamasqua BladesIllamasqua Blades – ‘cause they’re amazing. And if you can’t get your freak on at Christmas, when can you?

Laura Mercier mini brushes – I’ve said it before, but Christmas is a great time to get your sticky paws on lovely brushes. These are my pick for 2010.

Ellis Faas – Winter Glow Gift Set – I love Ellis’ products, and these are three of her bestsellers together – Creamy Lips in Ellis Red (a seriously decadent and perfect red lipstick), Ellis Eyes Light in holographic Bordeaux green, and black mascara. Perfect.

Mini Bobbi Brights palette – Because it’s just so dang cute! Like candy for your face. Yum.

Mini Bobbi Brights PaletteUrban Decay 24/7 Jackpot pencils – I bought last year’s version of this set and they sold me on these pencils. They don’t move and the colours are gorgeous. Plus they’re shiny. And Christmas is shiny!

SKII – It’s £130 a jar but it’s a solid weight of SKII moisture for seriously parched skin. I have no idea what’s in it but it makes your skin looks like a baby’s. Sold.

Becca Beach Tint Trio set – These are an MM fave from way back. They could make even a corpse look gorgeous.

Benefit Bad Gal regular and Plum – This new mascara in my arsenal does give serious volume. One in Black and one in Plum (which looks great on every eye colour). No one will be safe at your office Christmas party with lashes like these.

5 Replies to “Santa’s Little Helper – The Makeup Gift Guide”

    1. I nearly passed out when I saw these glosses in store, they are soooo cute, and most of them are colours I don’t already have. So, you know, it would be almost a crime to miss out on them.

  1. I’m ashamed to say that I have never tried a NARS product!!! Maybe it is the opportunity I have been waiting for? The BECCA stuff looks pretty interesting as well…

    1. You are too kind, Miss Timothy! I wrote it with you in mind as I knew you would have a fine appreciation of the comic genius of Will Ferrell – and his face when he hears about Santa just says it all, really. Now, how to make a makeup post about the Jazz Flute solo? I will do it one day, I promise!

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