The Foundation Files: Armani Luminous Silk

Armani Luminous Silk foundationThis was my first favourite foundation. I worked with this so much in the beginning of my career, and after a break of a few years, I’m coming back to it again.

It’s a lightweight, oil-free fluid foundation that gives good coverage without heaviness, and gives a beautiful sheen to the skin. It’s perfect for evening, or the red carpet, or if your life is more supermarket than red carpet, it works for that too!

Developed by Pat McGrath when she was the Creative Director of Armani Beauty when it first started, it very much espouses her philosophy of luminous, glowing skin. At the same time she also developed the Armani Fluid Sheers, which are luminizing liquids that were designed to be mixed in with the foundations, and they are absolutely gorgeous either on their own as a strategic highlight, or mixed in with the Luminous Silk foundation. I have a few of the Fluid Sheers but my favourite is no 2.

I like the colours that Luminous Silk comes in, as the colour range starts very pale and goes into really quite deep tones, although my one grumble with the shade range is that the shades for very dark skintones are just too red. In the States it goes up to Shade 13, and I find that anything up from 10 is very red-brown, so I hardly ever use them. (Becca is amazing for black skin, as are some of the Illamasqua deeper shades). The shade of 5 or 5.5 is so universally perfect that I go through far more bottles of that than any of the others.

I would say that it’s a slightly lighter weight foundation than Chanel Vitalumiere, and applies beautifully with a brush or sponge. The shade range is also more extensive than the other prestige beauty houses (Dior, Chanel, YSL), as it comes in 17 shades in the US.

It is an oil-free foundation, but as always if you are an oily gal do try before you buy as it can look a bit greasy if you live in a hot climate or have very oily skin.

And a big PS – the Armani Foundation brush is also awesome.

Armani Beauty has a new Creative Director, Linda Cantello, one of the most awesome of awesome makeup artists – let me tell you this lady was wielding a brush when you were in nappies, so she knows what she’s doing! The new face of the brand is the super-vixen, Megan Fox, and after a bit of a break Armani is back on my beauty radar in a big way.

See Linda’s work on the impeccably beautiful Megan Fox here:

12 Replies to “The Foundation Files: Armani Luminous Silk”

    1. I haven’t tried the FACEAtelier, so I can’t say. But I’ve only ever heard good things about the FACEAtelier, so it may be worth checking out.

  1. Ah I agree! Pat got me hooked on this and I can’t remember how many bottles of 4 & 5 I went through! Good to see great minds think alike eh? Nice post hon, brings back memories! xx

    1. Thanks Kenneth! I was having a Pat-attack when this foundation first came out and snapped it up and fell in love with it. Now I’m heading back to it again. It’s funny how you go through phases with foundation in your kit isn’t it? I do, anyway. I still must try that YSL Teint Resist that you’re always raving about!

  2. Yes indeed! I’m cycling through a few different brands now according to the seasons and what I’m shooting. Couple of months ago was MyFace, then now I am loving Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation! I can’t wait to see what’s next for next season. Apparently I heard the Illamasqua new foundation is amazing! So there you go another one to try and love I am sure. Love your blog! xx

    1. Ooooh I haven’t tried the Shiseido, is it good? I hear great things as well about the new Illamasqua foundation, can’t wait to try that one – it’s already got makeup artists buzzing. Thanks for your kind words about my blog Kenneth – love yours too so it’s a mutual Makeup Blog Appreciation society!

  3. I used to use it when it first came out, I totally love the foundation to be sheer but give you a glow. I heard they reformulated the foundation and it provides more coverage now? I think I should buy one to live the memories x

    1. Oooh I haven’t bought one for a while since I’ve had it stored in the Vault, but when I buy a new one (shouldn’t be long now!) I can let you know.

    1. I usually carry 2, 4, 5.5 (this is the one I use most), 8 and 10. I bought some of the darker ones (from 10-13) in the US, but I found the undertones were too red and I haven’t used them much. For darker tones I like Bobbi Brown and Becca foundations.

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