The. Best. Eyeshadow. Quads. Ever. Chanel

Chanel eyeshadow quadThis post is slightly cheating – really it should be “Best Eyeshadow Ever”, but I just couldn’t pick one brand. I have too many eyeshadows that I like – MAC and Dior and NARS and Illamasqua and Chanel and my old Stila ones and Myface and Laura Mercier – oh, and Bobbi Brown! It would be like Sophie’s Choice but with about 50 kids to choose from. Horrible, and too distressing to contemplate. So instead I decided to cheat and start with Eyeshadow Quads. Chanel win those hands down. I was doing makeup for a private client at the weekend and I got seriously back into them.

I have loads! I have at least nine that come with me on every job. Old ones that have been discontinued for years, and newer ones (like last year’s delicious Kaska Beige), and they all get a regular work-out. The colours are super-flattering and can be mixed beautifully, either from within the quad or with others in the Chanel range – or if you’re feeling crazy, from other brands!

Yes I know, the pigment pay off on other brands can be superior, but the finish is so beautiful! And the colour ranges are gorgeous, and go together so well. And yes they are expensive, but you wouldn’t expect to get a discount Ferrari would you?

One thing I have found though is that I much prefer the US versions of the quads – I just prefer the texture, and the texture is markedly different to their UK/European/Australian versions. But sill I love all of them, no matter where I bought them from. And the packaging, well, there is no substitute for that elegant black lacquer.

The only downside is that they have terrible tendency to encourage you to want more – as in new ones every season, as every new collection is more delectable than the last. Ombres Perlees de Chanel for Spring? Don’t mind if I do!

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  1. Isn’t that les boutons which was a Nordstrom exclusive last year?

    I finally have my hands on Regard Perles in the US version, and I much prefer the texture to the EU version. Admittedly this is the first e/s quad I have ever bought from Chanel…

    1. It is indeed, well spotted! Ooooh Regards Perles – delicious. I’m glad you agree with me about the difference in pigment payoff between the US and EU quads. I have it on good authority though that Peter Phillips is currently working on increasing the pigment pay off of the EU quads. Our prayers have been answered.

  2. Dear friends:

    I live in Rio de Janeiro, where imported make up products and parfums are very expensive, so I always read reviews or magazines before I buy, I use testers at stores but I clean them first. Even with such precautions I have a “makeup cemetery” in my closet.. Not all of them are suited for my dry skin, a/c in my office or the intense heat in the summer, but last week I went swimming at the sea and my SPF make up stayed four hours, which was nice. I do not care how much I have to pay as long it’s a perfect product like Dior, Chanel, Clinique and others.

    And don’t miss “RIO”, it’s an amazing movie from Carlos Saldanha…you are going to love it!!!

    1. If you buy good quality makeup it does last, although unfortunately it is often trial and error to get the right ones. And I am absolutely going to see Rio – in fact I nearly went to see it today, it looks awesome!

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