Video: Tom Ford Lips and Boys

Tom Ford Lips and Boys

Tom Ford has been at it again, creating high glamour, super sexy products that make you want to Collect Them All. It might take you awhile though with his latest lipstick collection called Lips and Boys – which features 50 (50!!) miniature lipsticks in a dazzling array of colours. From violets to perfect nudes, golden metallics to classic reds this collection has literally any colour that a girl could want. And why boys? Well they’re named after men that have inspired Tom Ford in his life, which is super-cute I have to say. And about the only reason I would wear a lipstick called Collin.

The Foundation Files: Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick


You know, I actually should call this post ‘The Concealer Files’ since it’s about a foundation stick, but I’m crazy about it as a concealer. Some things I recommend to you guys because it’s in my kit, and some I recommend that seem to have taken up permanent residence in my personal makeup bag, and this product is one of those.

Again, it’s Tom Ford (I know, I know with Tom Ford – you guys are going to start thinking I have shares in the company, but I don’t. I just really, REALLY love everything in his line that I’ve tried. I have yet to find a dud product in this range.)

This is a beautiful, thick creamy foundation which I love for concealing as it has the perfect texture as it melts into the skin, even in the delicate under eye area. I still love the Bobbi Brown foundation stick (that’s been a kit staple of mine for years), but it can be a bit dry to use as a spot concealer and I prefer Bobbi’s undereye concealers for covering those dark circles that let’s face it, we all have to one degree or another (models, super or otherwise, included).

The Tom Ford Traceless Stick is also brilliant for concealing around the nose which often gets quite red, especially in winter when the skin can get chapped and raw. Because it has more of a greasy texture, it just glides on and stays on the red bits that you want it to, without looking like a big ole’ patchy, cakey mess.

I have tried the Tom Ford foundation as a foundation on the whole face and to be honest I didn’t love it on me, as it felt a bit heavy when applied with a brush. However more testing in the lab might be in order as it could be perfection when applied wet with a damp sponge.

I like to just grab a nice concealer brush and whack it on where needed – two seconds later and you’re ready to roll. So quick and easy. Tom Ford has just come out with a whole new range called the Flawless Complexion collection which I’ll be very curious to try. Foundations are a notoriously tricky part of a makeup range to get right, so if they can nail the foundations there’s a pretty good chance the rest of the range will be incroyable as well.

In My Makeup Kit: Tom Ford Eye Colour Quads

Tom Ford Color Quad

Can we just talk for a minute about how FREAKING amazing these eyeshadows are? Let’s. (This is a makeup blog after all).

I can’t fault these, I love everything about them. There are four generous eyeshadows in each compact, and each colour is gorgeous in it’s own right, as well as a beautiful mix together. The other thing I love is that they have a mix of shimmer and matte in each compact which is perfect as when building a beautiful eye, that’s exactly what you want – matte to create the architecture and the shape, and shimmer to make it all sizzle and pop.

The texture of the shimmer shadows is exceptional as well – they are very similar to the MyFace Blingtones (another MM fave, as long-time readers will know). The line was actually created in consultation with über-makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury who also consulted on the development of the MyFace line, so you can see her influence in the Tom Ford shadows.

On a side note, Charlotte is working on her own line at present which will be released in September. She has also got a fabulous new website with lots of videos and Tips and Tricks which you should definitely have a look at,

Here’s Charlotte using the Tom Ford Eyeshadow quads on lovely Laura Bailey.

And back to Tom Ford! The Silvered Topaz quad has been in heavy rotation in my kit for a smoky eye as it’s just gorgeous – subtle and dreamy and oh so flattering. Even though I have hundreds of shadows in my kit and in my Vault, I still feel that I need more of these delicious goodies. They are very soft, buttery smooth, with an impeccable colour selection – although be warned – the shimmery ones can create fallout, probably my only gripe.

The quads come in about 10 different and lovely combos, ranging from blues to purples to gorgeous burgundies and an amazing collection of browns and coppers. The hardest bit is choosing which one to buy next.

I also love the Tom Ford packaging as it’s super lightweight which is perfect for makeup artists. It’s all about what’s inside, not the packaging that counts!

Another winner from Mr Ford’s makeup line. You’ve got yourself a fan-girl, sir.

Tom Ford is available from David Jones in Australia, Neiman Marcus in the US and Selfridges in the UK.

Right Now: Simply Irresistible – Tom Ford’s Fall 2012 collection

Tom Ford Fall 2012 Collection

I hate you Tom Ford – you keep creating gorgeous new products that I just feel I can’t live without. How is that even possible when I have a whole room full of makeup, and yet, each season you come out with yet another slew of beautiful goodies that I can’t get out of my head.

Case in point – the new Fall 2012 collection. Exhibit A – the Emerald Lust eyequad. Since I’ve been getting back into brights in a big way, would I like a beautiful teal and emerald quad? Oh yes alright then, I would – especially as I think the Tom Ford eyeshadow quads are amongst the best out there in shade selection, pigment pay off and blendability. And you also have a gorgeous plummy brown quad do you? Oh, you don’t say. Throw that in the bag too then. I also like that the eyeshadows have matte shades and also amazing fine gaugue glitter shadows in the same quad. SO good for evening makeup!

And what’s that new cream eyeshadow? You know I think his cream eyeshadows are amongst the best on the market. And it’s in a deep ruby wine shade that’s perfect as a base for a sultry smoky eye? It would be just rude not to have that too.

Not to mention there’s also a beautiful vivid pink blush (appropriately called Narcissist, since I think when you’re wearing this blush you can’t take your eyes off yourself), and the lipstick in Aphrodisiac, a bright fuchsia rose.

In fact this whole collection (and the stunning campaign images with makeup by super makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury) have had me thinking non-stop about the high-octane glamour of Robert Palmer’s videos – who can forget his ultimate Guy Bourdin-esque femme fatales?


When I was a little girl I thought I would one day magically morph into these other-worldly beauties – little did I know that beauty in the 80’s involved kilos of cosmetics, multiple cans of hairspray and Giorgip Saint Angelo bandage dresses, as well as a whole bottle of Dior Poison perfume (also little did I know it would take a full body transformation, an extra three feet in height and the desire to look like you were permanently walking around in a Helmut Newton photograph, but I digress).*

But you know what? This season no one told Tom Ford that and with this delicious new Fall collection, I might just have a shot ait it.

*air guitar playing optional

In My MakeUp Kit: Tom Ford blush in Savage

Tom Ford blush

Oooh Tom Ford – I have yet to meet a piece of his eponymous makeup range that I don’t like. This blusher in Savage is an interesting one – at first I thought it would be perfect to keep on hand for doing darker skin tones (which don’t get me wrong, it still is), but when I was on a beauty shoot this week I was doing a caramel-y, warm, slightly late 70’s/early 80’s makeup look, and it was perfect.

It’s a spicy cinnamon coloured blush that is VERY pigmented, (so you need to go easy on the application), but it’s given me back a love of blush. I’ve been a bit off blush for a few seasons now, generally sticking to contours and bronzers and the nude sort of tones that are really more ‘Why Bother?’ than blush. But this sweet little Tom Ford goody has brought back how much I do love a good blush – placed just so on the apple of the cheeks it can make you look more than healthy, it can make you look glamorous, vital, alive. And when done JUST RIGHT (Tom Ford’s Savage, I am talking to YOU) it can make you look like a young Brooke Shields in her original Calvin Klein commercials. In another word – hot like 1981.

Tom Ford Beauty is available at selected David Jones’ stores in Australia, Harrods in London and Neiman Marcus in the US.