Right Now: Sophy Robson Nail Art now at SEPHORA

London Nail Queen, Sophy Robson, has been a busy gal of late – not only has she opened a new uber cool nail salon on the King’s Road in Chelsea, but she has also collaborated with OPI and Sephora to create exclusive nail art looks. Each nail art look comes with it’s own tutorial, and if you want to see a true nail artist in action, check this out!

As well as her Sephora collaboration Sophy has recently shot the new Marc Jacobs campaign with Juergen Teller (Helena Bonham Carter at her madcap best), worked with Terry Richardson and done Kate Moss’ nails for her wedding. How she fits it all in I don’t know!

You can follow all of Sophy’s high-fashion nail-jinks on her awesome blog at www.sophyrobson.com

Stop Press! Sophy Robson @ Paris Fashion Week

The nailista style sista London manicurist Sophy Robson was creating the cult nail trends backstage at Paris Fashion Week, and now the nails are done you can check out her awesome blog
As always I am absolutely blown away by her incredible attention to detail and her way she manages to encapsulate a designer’s vision on the smallest of surfaces – a nail! Here’s what the glossy syrup-y nail she created for Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton. Sophy Robson Nails for Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton show
Sophy Robson Nails for Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Also she watched the Chanel show and had this exclusive peek at the new Chanel nail colour, apparently called Black Pearl. Mmmm, new Chanel nail colours….
PS -Thanks all for bearing with me whilst I had a much-needed holiday this week. I’m now back (with a slight tan, thank you very much!) and ready to get right back into the wonderful world of makeup.

Beauty Breakdown – London Fashion Week

Stella McCartney for Adidas at the London Fashion WeekStella McCartney for Adidas – Makeup by Kay Montano

It’s been quite a hard LFW to be away from this year – all my peeps have been doing gorgeous work in London on Richard Nicholl, Margaret Howell and Betty Jackson (all my old regulars, sniff!)

But I was especially sad I couldn’t be there for the Stella McCartney for Adidas show as it’s my old dream team – Kay Montano on makeup, Sophy Robson on nails and the lovely Katie Service busting out makeup alongside Kay. (And it was in a gorgeous private home in London as well, rumour has it the home of one of the A-list!)

However even though I couldn’t be there in person, I DO have the breakdown of how to achieve a perfect sporty glow, even though the models turned up looking decidedly lackluster as it’s halfway through the international fashion calendar.

Skin – No extra moisturiser needed as the foundation gave a creamy glow

Base – Myface Mymix foundation, applied from the centre of the face outwards with a sponge

Concealer Myface Mycover concealer in the matching shade for the models’ skintone, applied to any redness around the nose

Blush – Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pink Truffle applied with the sponge to create the ’30 minutes of cardio’ look to their cheeks.

Lips – Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment



Stop Press! Über–Manicurist Sophy Robson is now on YouTube!

So when you’re not painting the toes of supermodels or the world’s biggest fashion editors, or shooting major campaigns with the world’s coolest photographers, what’s a girl to do? Well if you’re the hottest manicurist in London, AKA Sophy Robson, the Nail Queen, you do nail tutorials on YouTube. Nailheads rejoice! Here’s Sophy’s first video tutorial, the Rainbow Nail. When she does it, it looks easy, although I’m not sure when I try it it’s going to look quite that good…

Sophy Robson’s Polish Pick of the Month

Chanel Nouvelle Vague Nail Polish

When it comes to nails, no-one knows nails like manicurist Miss Sophy Robson. Makeup Mole is all about the maquillage, so we thought we’d go straight to the source and ask Sophy what the hot nail colour of the month is in London, the polish on everyone’s tips and the name on everyone’s lips – it’s gotta be

Chanel Nouvelle Vague from their Les Pop-up Collection (on counter

in the UK in May.)

Sophy was telling me that whilst hanging out in Paris with Peter Phillips, Global Makeup Director for Chanel, he was giving her the inside scoop on the newest products from the Chanel beauty atelier. The latest? Chanel eyelash curlers have just gone on sale in Shanghai. How chic is that?

I. Want. Some. Of. Those.

PS. Sophy is writing about Nouvelle Vague this week on her blog – she’s got a still of Beyonce in her new video wearing a colour that looks suspiciously like… you guessed it!