The Only Youtube Beauty Gurus You’ll Ever Need

Who doesn’t love a YouTube beauty video? I mean really, what more do you need on a Saturday night than you, a glowing computer screen and a beauty nerd somewhere in the world showing you a trick you’ve never heard of? What’s that you say? A cocktail, a hot guy and some sexy tunes is your preferred way of spending a Saturday night? Ah well, to each their own.

But seriously, I do love a good YouTube tutorial (and so would you if you’d just stop going out at the weekends. I mean really, you could be learning a LOT about beauty.)

The words “YouTube Guru” get bandied around an awful lot, and to my mind almost none of them are worth the title. Two (or rather three) people do spring to mind however, and that’s English makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, and the sister duo, Pixiwoos. All three of them are actual working makeup artists in one of the world’s most fashion-forward cities – they do shows, shoots, press junkets and everything in-between, so they actually know what they’re talking about. They use great products and all the backstage techniques that I picked up in London – and if you’re going to learn makeup, it may as well be from a master!

Lisa has been working as a makeup artist in London for over 20 years and has a genuine A-list clientele, from Cameron Diaz to Demi Moore and more Vogue tutorials than you can poke the proverbial stick at. She has a lovely blog as well and her tutorials are clear and easy to understand.

Pixiwoos are two sisters (Samantha and Nicola Chapman), and between the two of them they have now produced hundreds of videos. Want to learn how to do a 1920’s makeup? They’ve got it. Catwalk contouting? It’s there. And also simple every day makeup. They have had the distinction of being the inspiration for Sophia Loren’s makeup artist who did THEIR Sophia Loren – on Sophia Loren!

I know where I’ll be on Saturday night…(but maybe I could squeeze in a cocktail whilst I’m at it). See you on YouTube…