Right Now: Mastered – Nails with Marian Newman

Amazing nails

Last week I had the pleasure of being on a job with one of my favourite nail artists, Marian Newman (it’s been a long time in between jobs with Marian so it was such a treat to see her name on the call sheet!).

Marian has had more Vogue covers than any other nail artist in the world (over 50 so far) and regularly does shows for Givenchy, McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, amongst many, many others. She’s also worked with lots of celebrities including Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman, so there’s a reason why she’s known as “the Supermanicurist” and has been asked to create the latest Mastered course.

Mastered.com is kind of genius actually. It’s a series of online courses with the top fashion creatives in the world. It started with Val Garland’s makeup course, then Nick Knight did one for photographers, and hair maestro Sam McKnight did a hair one. Now it’s Marian Newman’s turn for nails.

I’ve worked on some shoots for the photography course both in London and Sydney, and know many, many people who’ve done the makeup, hair and photography courses. Most people say it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done as it teaches you to deal with briefs and pushes your creativity beyond your normal boundaries, taking your work to levels it’s never been before.

It’s about being taught how to get to the top of session work, by someone who has actually done it. Only 400 people globally will be accepted into Marian’s nail course, and Marian told me so far she has been blown away by the incredible talent that has been coming through from the applications.

The program is entirely online and there are online video tutorials filmed by Marian and also other top nail techs to give you all the inside info that it takes years of assisting and working in the fashion trenches to figure out. Then after the 12 week course, there are lots of other opportunities to reach out to others in your industry to get your own ball rolling.  There’s community forums and feedback, and every week there is a new challenge, where winners of the challenges get their work seen by people actually working in fashion.

I warn you though, it’s NOT for you if you want to learn how to do nails. There is a basic requirement that you already know that, that you’re already working as a manicurist but you want to get to the next level in your career. It will help explain the nuts and bolts of actually getting your dream career working in fashion and with celebrities, which I can tell you right now is not something you can easily find out on your own. You could even up working backstage at the shows on Marian’s team!

The course starts on the 12th of April and I know there aren’t many places left, so if you want to apply, you’d better get registered.


Marian Newman's Nail Course

Right Now: Marian Newman and MAC Nail Transformations

MAC Nail Transformations

I’m loving these new nail topcoats from MAC, in collaboration with mega manicurist Marian Newman. Marian is arguably one of the world’s top nail technicians with over 50 British Vogue covers under her belt, and given that her career before becoming a top manicurist was as a forensic scientist, the precision and perfection of her work has to be seen to be believed.

Marian would quite often be booked on the same shoots as Kay Montano when I was assisting Kay, and I used to love chatting to her as she was so lovely and fun to be around. She gets booked for countless celebs (from Keira Knightley to Lady Gaga) and runway shows in the dozens from Valentino to Givenchy. I remember one Vanity Fair shoot with Miles Aldridge shooting English actress Gemma Arterton, she very kindly chatted to me for ages about the best nude nails – and I still have the polishes she gave me from her kit. How lovely is that?

When MAC asked her to create a collection, Marian wanted to make it something exciting, that could expand on your existing nail wardrobe and create a myriad of looks. Check out the video below for all the different finishes:


Marian Newman – The Interview

Marian Newman NailsMarion Newman is one of the best manicurists in the world, with more Vogue covers to her name than any other nail artist. In addition to her extraordinary roster of high-fashion and celebrity clients, she’s managed to find time to launch her own line of nail polishes, the Inkredibles, that I’ve been loving ever since they came out. Today we’re lucky enough to have an interview with the lady in question.

1) Aside from Marian Newman Nails, what are you doing at the moment?

My ‘day job’, that is sessions work for editorials and advertising in the studio. Plus, Fashion Weeks come around so quickly!!

2) Favourite nail job ever?

Everything with Nick Knight! That includes 10 years of Dior. But I have to include my 12” spiral nails for Givenchy Couture and my ‘connected’ nails for Italian Vogue Giello.

3) Worst nail job ever?

I don’t mind but I do get a bit fed up with being asked for the ‘natural buff’! I’d like to think that I can do the best ‘natural buff’ but it doesn’t exactly challenge me!

4) Top 5 products?

My own ‘Right Here Nail Oil’, Dior Manicure Ridge Filler, Crème De La Mer Hand Treatment, my Glosser, my Wrapture Plus top coat. I created my products because I know what I need to perform in all circumstances so I can’t help but believe in them ‘cos they work!

5) If you could tell women to do one thing differently with their nails, what would it be?Marian Newman - Victoria Beckham

Use a nail oil every day. I guarantee an improvement!

6) How did you get started in the business?

Doing nails? By doing a make up course! Sessions? Being asked to do ‘nails’ on a shoot with Nick Knight!

7) How is it different to when you started?

I was the first true sessions technician in the UK. Now, so many people think the job is easy! It’s not just the skill that is important. Fitting in and being a team player is just as important. So many believe that the job is easy and charge a fraction of the real sessions techs. Plus budgets are being cut all the time and retouching is so much more refined! I grew up with the fact that retouching costs a fortune and must be avoided at all costs. It’s different now. My son is one of the best retouchers so I know what can be put right, realistically, so quickly!

8) Which work are you most proud of?

I’d like to think that every piece of work is as good as it can be (but don’t we all!!!) Staying one of Nick Knights team for 12 years is what I’m most proud of. Anyone can do anything once or twice. Staying at that level for 12 years is something that I am very proud of. I’m also very proud of creating a brand that is genuinely something different in the world. In addition to having the ability and amazing loyalty of my colleagues (and my husband) to launch it into the market and achieve such amazing support from the beauty press and friends in the sessions world who continue to support me.

9) What do you love doing in your spare time?

Spending time with my children. Being creative with ideas. Just being at home. I have a new puppy so want to make her into a lovely family dog.

Marion’s range of nail products can be viewed at www.mariannewmannails.com

From the Front Lines: Matte Nail Polish from Marian Newman Nails.

Prepare to be dazzled by a revolutionary new polish coming out from Marian Newman Nails in the near future – it’s matte and it’s nude but the finish is completely different to others of this type that are currently on the market. The ones that I have seen so far tend to be chalky, but these babies give a flawless, satin texture that still dries perfectly, deliciously matte.

And we all know that’s we’re going to be wanting for the colder months!

Plus Marian knows nudes like no-one’s business, as she’s pointed me in the direction of some fabulous ones in the past. (If it wasn’t for her I’d still be standing in the nail polish section of Boots right now!)

She used the new polish which can be applied alone OR mixed in with other polishes, on a very big advertising campaign last week, and quite frankly the client went crazy for them. As did we.

Matte Daddy indeed!

Marian Newman Nails – the Inks

Marian Newman The InksMarian Newman is one of the world’s top manicurists – her work can be regularly seen in major campaigns like Dior and Lancome, and she is officially the manicurist with the most Vogue covers to her credit – 41 at last count! She has been working as an editorial manicurist since 1987, switching from her previous career as a forensic scientist (sorry, but how cool is that?) to tend to the digits of the most beautiful people of our era.

 She is the manicurist called on by Nick Knight, the photographer responsible for most of British Vogue’s magic cover moments of the last five years, and works regularly with other fashion greats such as Patrick Demarchalier and Mario Testino. Her celebrity client roster is no less illustrious, including Nicole Kidman, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley and Cate Blanchett, amongst many others.

 In short, Marion Newman is the business.

 But what makes Marion even more special is her brand new and completely innovative product line, called the Inks. Pure pigments, packaged as pens (so they are super-lightweight, a God-send when you have an already overloaded kit!) that are designed to be painted on nails and sealed with a special sealer. What this means is that you can whack the polish on, and even if it goes all around the nail as well as on it, it just washes off the skin because once that sealer is on, the nail color ain’t coming off! The other amazing thing about them is how fast they dry – 20 seconds to touch dry, 60 seconds to smudge proof, and 90 seconds to rock hard. Now I don’t know about you guys, but nails are not my forte (probably why I am a makeup artist and not a manicurist), so anything that makes my routine easier is a winner for me.

 The Inks come in 15 colors with a sealer and a cute little disposable removal towel, and are the first in a line of Marian Newman Nails products coming out.


PS The gold color is possibly the best gold I have ever seen, and Victoria Beckham has been rocking the gorgeous grey called Pewter recently. And Marian told me last week that the black is called Black Beth because Beth ditto of Gossip fame loves it so!

 Marian Newman Nails are available in the UK through Selfridges and select Charles Worthington salons and international orders through the website at www.mariannewmannails.com