In My Makeup Kit: Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick in True Coral

Tom Ford Lipstick

Ladies, it’s time to start planning Spring makeup. Enough with the heavy coats and the tights and the legs that are so dry they look like Victoria Beckham’s new alligator purses, enough, ENOUGH!

It’s time to start thinking about the season ahead, the one where you will be warm and you can wear clothes that make you feel like sunshine. To that end, today’s recommendation about what you will be needing, is a new lipstick. Not just any old lipstick though, and I’m sorry to do this to you at the beginning of the year when you’ve probably got your credits cards, quite literally, on ice, in the refrigerator, but I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do. This lipstick has me in its thrall, and it ain’t cheap.

Namely True Coral, by Tom Ford. I have blogged about these incredible lipsticks before when they launched, but it’s time to rhapsodise again. This lippie will spoil you for other lipsticks. It is rich, opulent and delicious. Its formulation is just so beautiful that it practically applies itself – one coat and you’re done. It gives you lips like Elizabeth Taylor sipping a mai tai in Acapulco in a caftan – gorgeous and 60’s in the best possible way (are you proud of me? I didn’t mention Mad Men once yet. And I won’t – except to say oh my God are you watching Season 4?? It’s unbelievable).

I love everything about this lipstick – the packaging is original, classic, elegant yet still cool, much like Mr Ford himself. It’s for grown up women, and I can guarantee this lipstick will be going nowhere near a festival this year. As for the colour? It’s a true, perfect Technicolour coral, one of the many colours that will be huge once Spring kicks in with a vengeance. It makes me dream of sunshine and palm trees, cat’s eye glasses and tans, cocktails and swimming pools. Oh and alright then, Don Draper. But don’t hold it against me.

Tom Ford Private Blend lipsticks are available from Harrods and Selfridges in London, and David Jones in Australia.

But this is a lipstick that could change all that. I’m ready to bust out some colour and head to Acapulco way…

NARS – Matte Lipsticks

I have yet to try these beautiful, creamy matte lipsticks that have been popping up all over town, on celebs (like Lea Michelle and Christina Hendricks), and on runways (uber-makeup artist Diane Kendal has been busting out the Madere Matte Lipstick at Thakoon in New York this week). I’m quite partial to a matte lip which is chic and cool at the same time, and these new lipsticks have a beautiful range of shades from nude to reds and wines. Plus with a matte lipstick you can easily add shine with a gloss or lipbalm, so in a way, it’s a clever investment – two lippies for the price of one! Who needs shares when you can invest in NARS?

And in honour of the new lipsticks, Monsieur Nars and his clever team have created this short film with the lovely Heather Marks, who I worked with on one of the shows at London Fashion Week a couple of years ago – and yes, she is that beautiful. We bonded over the lack of food backstage as we were all corralled in an area with no access to food –put it this way, Vitamin Water and chewing gum seemed like a feast! I love this film, and there’s also a Behind the Scenes to go with it. If this doesn’t make you start lusting for a matte lippie, I don’t know what will!

NARS Matte lipsticks will be available soon.

Latest Lipstick Loves…

Chanel GenialIt’s gotta be Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Super, Genial and Darling. Super because it’s super hot candy pink, which let’s face it is always a winner, Genial because it’s a gorgeous punchy coral – a firm MM favourite in the colour stakes, and Darling, because it’s neither of those – it’s not for statement lips, it’s for your lips, just better. The perfect nothing colour. Who could ask for more than that?

The Return of Lipstick

There is a bonafide revolution going on in makeup halls not just around the country, but around the world – Lipstick is Back.

Relegated to the status of a makeup also ran since, ooh, about 1999, when gloss usurped its position as women’s choice of lip enhancer, lipstick has quietly been easing its way back into our lives.

For me the tide turned on a shoot with David Bailey over a year ago – Kay Montano had these beautiful, creamy lipsticks from Bobbi Brown that she had been using on Nicole Kidman (aptly named ‘Creamy Lipsticks’), and I fell in love all over again with their delicious texture and the fact that they were moisturizing and had a sheen on them, but no stickiness. Gloss had been feeling a little passé for awhile, but this was the first time I had tossed an actual lipstick in my handbag in years.

My gloss bag at work started to shrink, and my lipstick palettes increase. I was using bolder colors at work – bright oranges, corals, fuchsia, red in all its permutations from deep wine to eye-popping cherries and strawberries.

Then came the launch of Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipstick in March this year with its ethereal image of Vanessa Paradis. Chanel’s Global Makeup artist, Peter Phillips, was so vocal in his championing of the forgotten makeup product, that it heralded something of a return. In the last couple of months it feels like every line is bringing lipstick back, and when the master of the fashion zeitgeist, Tom Ford, decides to launch a line of lippies, you know it’s a done deal.

My new-found love of lipstick has led me to try out quite a few lately, and my top winners at the moment are:

YSL Rouge Volupte – love the colours and they are super-creamy

Bobbi Brown – perfect for your natural lip shade but better

Chanel Rouge Coco – they really are as good as the buzz

Estee Lauder – if you’re re-investigating the classics, why not go to the source?

Illamasqua – For mouth-watering statement lip shades

NARS – from nudes to reds, his colour selection is unparalleled

MAC – like a lipstick candy store for grown ups

Lipstick is not just about applying lip colour – it’s an attitude, a feeling, a gift to yourself. It’s time (if you haven’t done so already), to make like a lady, and get yourself a lipstick.