In My Makeup Kit: Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Glow

Daria Werbowy

I think by now you might have figured out that I am not a drugstore gal. Of course there’s always some stuff there that’s worth checking out (like mascaras, and lipsticks, and the odd nail polish). Although there are loads of good drugstore products – with the economic heft of global cosmetic giants like Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal they’re always going to be on top of the new technology,
so lots of their stuff is great now. And if you let me loose in a French pharmacy, well that’s a different thing entirely. I’m practically in there with a bulldozer, ripping up Crealine and Embryolisse and Honeoplasmine, not to mention Evian and Avene Water and La Roche Posay everything. (Get your hard hats on boys, she’s coming in!)

But drugstores in Australia, not so much. Do you want to know why?
Because Australian drugstores have missed the memo on why people shop there, and that reason is price. It’s supposed to be cheap fellas. Mascaras in Australian pharmacies cost $27 (L’Oreal), Revlon eyeshadow quads are $25, Max Factor lipgloss is $20. I know all my US readers are passing out right about now – products cost about 4-5 times more in Australia than in America. For the exact same thing. So you know what? I often figure I’d rather spend the extra amount and get a premium product for a bit more (OK quite a bit more – Chanel quads are about $100. But it’s like, you know, Chanel. HELLO.)

So the other day when I checked out Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Glow, needing a new lip balm with SPF for my poor model who was going to fry the following day at the beach on a 31 degree day beach shoot, I was very pleasantly surprised. The price was right ($3.60 – jeez, I can’t even get a coffee for that these days in Sydney), and the product was a surprisingly good dupe for Dior’s Lip Glow, which is currently on my wish list as it’s just a gorgeous rose hued lip balm. And I think we all know YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY OF THOSE.

So in my kit it went and it kept my lovely model’s lips moisturized and sun protected and with just the perfect amount of twinkly sheen, all day long. So the next time you want a coffee, get a Baby Lips lip balm instead. It will last a whole lot longer than that caffeine.

maybelline baby lips lip balm

In My Makeup Kit: Lanolips

LanolipsThe new product on everyone’s lips seems to be Lanolips, and there is a good reason why – it’s really ace.

Lanolips is the brainchild of Aussie PR maven Kirsten Carriol who grew up around lanolin, with a father who was a doctor and espoused it as a wonder ointment and had grandparents with a sheep farm, so lanolin was always part of her consciousness. Contemplating a long haul flight back from Paris (and all its hydration issues) a few years ago, she decided to utilise lanolin in an effective and portable way. And now it’s stashed in a zillion handbags.

At first I was a bit wary of it to be honest as I’ve had some not so great experiences with lanolin in the past (Ella Bache and my teenage skin, I’m talking to YOU), but when I did some research into Lanolips I discovered:

  • It’s 100% pure lanolin moisturiser, which has been refined to Ultra Medical Grade status
  • It is one of the only substances hygienic enough to apply to a fresh wound and its medicinal use dates back to 700BC when the ancient Greeks used it as a skin reparative
  • Holds up to 200% of its own moisture
  • Able to imitate the function of human skin lipids
  • Made from lanolin sourced from Australian and New Zealand wool
  • Lanolin is a natural by-product of the wool industry, extracted from the fleece once the sheep are shorn and is no more cruel than drinking milk or using beeswax.

So being a general lip product ho I decided to try it – and it has lead me to cheat on my Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment (as you might recall from the beginning of my blog, we were married, but being an incorrigible lip product flirt I have been dallying with other products lately, including Homeoplasmine again). And now, with all my reservations about lanolin put to rest it has been Lanolips turn!

Whilst I haven’t tried it MacGyver style on all the other things it’s supposed to work on – sunburn, nappy rash (haven’t had them for awhile), rough cuticles, smoothing wild brows (definitely have those but I’ve been too lazy to try Lanolips on them), like all good lipbalms I’ll be putting it through its paces in the coming months.

Lanolips comes in four colours, plus clear, and I keep Apple in my handbag as it is pretty much the ultimate “your lips but better” colour. A word of warning though – it’s quite pigmented so checking it in a mirror is advised as if you don’t rub it in properly you end up looking like a hot mess with streaks of red glossy balm all over your lips! Once rubbed in though it’s a juicy, natural lip, and great for blondes who do need a little bit of something to stop them looking like an egg.

I also keep it in my kit in Clear for those moments when you just need maximum lip hydration – those emergency lip softening times. If you’re looking for a new lip romance – this just might be it.

Lanolips is available from and in Boots chemists across the UK from November.

Right Now: Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment


A few years ago, I would have laughed if you had told me there was a better lip balm than Kiehl’s lip balm. I loved it so much I would have married it (if it was legal to marry a lip balm, which I’m pretty sure in continental Europe and most states of America it’s not.)

Oh sure, I’d flirted with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream (expensive Vaseline, let’s be real), and Smith’s Rosebud Salve (which was considered to be really cool because you couldn’t get it in Sydney. Which meant you had been overseas.)

Then when I was assisting Alex Box in Paris, she put me onto the homeopathic French wonder (only from French pharmacies, so even cooler again!) that is Homeoplasmine. This was my Number One lip lover for quite some time.

And then I found my Paw Paw Ointment. The simple red tube that can be found in any pharmacy in Australia, $5, lasts forever, next to the till. (Really daggy! Can get it at any chemist in Australia!) But then I moved overseas and I realized how good that little red tube really was.

Lucas’ Paw Paw is an Australian remedy that cures chapping, cuts, sunburn, bruises and irritations of the skin, and because it uses the antiseptic properties of the paw paw fruit, it cleanses and heals the wound with enzymes. I have had models literally begging to buy my Paw Paw from me at the shows because it did such a good job of healing their makeup ravaged faces.

It was first created by a doctor (Dr Lucas, unsurprisingly) in 1906, in Queensland, who noted the medicinal properties of the paw paw fruit in healing in his patients. He then passed the recipe on to his wife, and it’s been handed down within his family through the generations. It still uses the image of his original hospital in Queensland on the tube.

It’s become something of a cult fave over here, as more and more fashion insiders hear of it. I hand out tubes like M&M’s, because if I love you, you need some Paw Paw in your life, and I have always had to ask family to bring over suitcases of the stuff. Until now – finally it is available in the UK on the internet at

So you don’t have to wait for my next smuggled shipment!