Video: BTS at Isabel Marant Spring 2014

Isabel Marant

Happy New Year, y’all! I hope everyone had a wonderful break over Christmas and 2014 has started the way YOU like – whether that’s with a bang or with an easy slide into the new year (not with credit card debt, a pile of stuff you need to re-gift, and an extra 5 kgs comprised of Lindt balls, champagne and ham. That’s not what we’re looking for. At all).

It is a new year but we ARE NOT going to talk about the New You – please refer to this amazing post from as to why not . It’s self-love not self-hatred, healthy eating, not diets and being happy in your skin that counts in 2014.

However we ARE going to refer to the new Isabel Marant Spring collection for what effortless, lush skin, perfectly groomed (but simple) brows and lips look like, along with possibly the best collection to stride down last season’s catwalk. Because, quite frankly, with those clothes who needs piles of makeup?

And PS if you DO have a habit that needs changing (I for one have decided I need more straight up and delicious salads in my life, every day), I’ve discovered the app Little Bit to help you make sure what you want to do each day gets done.