Newcomer – Burberry Makeup


I was on a Burberry shoot a while ago in London, when we were all having a chat in the makeup room (as you do) and the discussion turned to the new beauty line that Burberry were releasing. My ears pricked up as I not only love the aesthetic of Burberry clothes, which are classic, simple and elegant yet under the direction of English designer Christopher Bailey increasingly full of covetable items, but I also love the effortless beauty looks that Burberry always have in their campaigns and their runway shows. I mean really, who doesn’t want to look like the supernaturally beautiful Lily Donaldson?

Of course I kept the impending release under my hat until I started to hear a buzz in the blogosphere quite a few months later, and when I actually tried some of the products I wasn’t disappointed.

From what I have tried from the range I have been extremely impressed. The packaging is very luxurious with a heavy silver casing with the Burberry check on it. They are absolutely items that you could keep on your dressing table or whip out in public for touch-ups as they just look so gorgeous. They are very heavy, so for someone like me who has trouble doing heavy lifting a whole kit of them would be problematic, but having said that I adore the Burberry lipstick so much and it looks so chic that I can’t bear to decant it! (Although its days are numbered if it wants to start getting schlepped on jobs – like pretty much everything in my kit now it will get squished into a palette. It’s amazing how much makeup magic gets lost in that process, but hey ho.)

I have the lipstick and lipliner in Nutmeg which when I first saw it my initial reaction was “Yuk! Dead person brown”, but dutifully I gave it a whirl and it’s my secret new It colour for the coming autumn/winter season (although perhaps not that secret now it’s on my blog). Once on it is the perfect, updated version of the 1990’s brown mouth that is staging a massive comeback – it’s what you’d get if one of MAC’s old skool 1990’s lippies like Taupe mated with a Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick (which has a similar luxurious feel to the Burberry lippie). It’s very moisturizing yet surprisingly dense, and the colour holds true. Add in the Nutmeg lipliner and this is a real power mouth, to be worn either with lots of lashes or a full eye for rich, luxurious evening makeup. I’ll be mixing in a bit of ruby to give it an added dash of glamour.

Be warned though, colours like this need either perfect skin (or perfect foundation – isn’t that really the same thing?) as any redness or blemishes will be shamelessly exposed. I for one can’t wait to try more from the Burberry line as its quality, brand heritage and naturally beautiful colour selection has me hooked. I do love the Burberry makeup aesthetic – like you only better, and more gorgeous. It’s what the Calvin Klein line (both times) has tried to do but not quite made it, and I’m really happy another brand has stepped in to fill that gap. Well played Burberry, well played.