Video: The Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2013 show

Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Autumn Winter 2013 Show

Jourdan! Edie! Cara! Karlie! I love this behind the scenes video of all of the ‘Burberry Girls Model Brigade’ getting ready for their turn on the catwalk at Burberry’s most recent show. The beauty collection is called ‘Trench Kisses’ and features new Kajal eye pencils, new lippies and glosses as well as some heavenly nail polish colours (I’m lusting after the polish from the show, appropriately called “Oxblood”).

Burberry Beauty Creative Director Wendy Rowe was working her magic on the model’s faces and hair maestro and all round lovely, lovely guy Neil Moodie was on hair. Dream Teams were made of this…


Right Now: Burberry Complete Eye Palette In Mocha

Burberry Eyeshadow

OK it’s official. Burberry can do no wrong in my eyes. They have new eye quads that are, in a word, divine. Buttery soft, smooth and the colour combinations are just perfection.

It comes housed in a sleek gunmetal case which I am THRILLED to say, is lighter than the single eyeshadows I own. Because if I had one gripe with Burberry Beauty, it was the weight of their beautiful products. For the lady at home carrying a lippy and a blush they would be OK (still heavy, but just about manageable). But if you’re a makeup artist and you have a stack of those bad boys you want to carry, it’s just death. And then you have to choose which ones to take on a job. And then it’s MORE death because they’re all so lovely, and you can’t choose. And then you have to hack them up with a pallet knife which makes you want to stick the palette knife in your eye because it’s so sacrilegious to hack up those gorgeous Burberry eyeshadows to put in teeny plastic cases so you can carry them all. Can you tell I’ve been there? More than once?

So now the packaging feels lighter, and Burberry have given you not one, but FOUR lovely shades to choose from. I have Mocha, which is rich, yummy golden browns (you know, the browns that are surprising hard to find in other ranges? Yeah, those). There is a cream, a golden brown, a nutmeg/caramel colour and a rich brown that’s perfect for lining eyes. These babies can go natural and nothing, or very, very glamorous. What I love about the Burberry shadows is they are matte but they still have a sheen to them, so they don’t look flat on the eye.

The eye quads are called the Compete Eye Palette and come in 6 different shade variations, ranging from Plum Pink to Smokey Grey. I for one will be needing more of these new lightweight! Burberry goodies.

And here’s a video which has very little to do with Burberry, except it’s the Burberry model, Cara Delevigne, rollerskating in an elf hat. Shot by Angelo Pennetta for Love magazine, I thought it was super cute. And it’s Christmas, and who doesn’t love rollerskating elves at Christmas? Especially ones as pretty as Cara Delevigne.

Right Now: Luxury Nudes

Brigitte Bardot

Let’s get naked. Not clothes-wise, lips-wise. I’m all about lips at the moment – I can’t tell you how many gorgeous lipsticks and glosses I have received lately, so with your indulgence I will be posting about the best of the bunch over the next few weeks.

I was starting to get pretty bored with my nudes palette – not that it isn’t chock-full of classic nudes, creams and beiges and it has given me many good miles of service, but sometimes you just need something new in the mix to stop you poking the model in the eye from boredom. Enter my new naked lippy love, which is Burberry’s delicious Lip Cover in 01. It’s a beautiful creamy beige peach nude that has a very slight silvery reflective sheen to it, so it helps to stop the lip from looking too flat  (a problem with some nudes).

But then! (And this is where it gets really interesting), I’m now slathering Sisley’s new Phyto Gloss in 1 on top. This is the perfect biscuity hi-shine gloss that instantly takes a look into the realms of luxury. A good nude gloss can be hard to find as many of them are too pale, and pale, goopy beige gloss is never a good look. This one has enough density and pigment to make it chic and not Kardashian.

I do need to put a disclaimer however – obviously nude lips need to be based on what is nude for your skintone. What is one woman’s Claudia Schiffer Guess bombshell lip is another woman’s Corpse Bride, so always try before you buy. And nude lips are best with a hint of cheek and something delicious on the eye – either full –on smoky or at least some black, brown or grey liner and mascara for definition. Otherwise you will look like the Woman With No Features.

So channel your inner Brigitte Bardot and get naked.

New Beauty Breakdown! Burberry Spring/Summer 2013, London

burberry show cara delavigne

 Makeup by Wendy Rowe

The Burberry show is always a stand-out on the MM show calendar. The clothes are amazing, the front-row celebs are always swoon-worthy (and look like a million bucks, decked out in Burberry clothes AND beauty), and the hair and makeup – by Neil Moodie and Wendy Rowe respectively – is always gorgeous. Easy, modern glamour that never looks contrived.

This season Wendy Rowe went for a beautiful red lip, courtesy of the new Lip Velvet lipstick in Siren Red, that’s launching later this year (and if it’s anything like the new Velvet foundation this is definitely going to be a product worth checking out).

Burberry Beauty: The show look
Siren red lip with soft definition, inspired by the strong, feminine attitude of the season’s Burberry girl
Sheer, sculpted complexion combines with naturally defined and almost bare eyes for a modern-day look
Elegant modern look as seen on the Burberry Prorsum spring/summer 2013 runway

Burberry Skin
Sheer Foundation
Sheer Concealer
Sheer Powder

Burberry Glow
Fresh Glow
Light Glow Earthy Blush no. 7

Burberry Eyes
Sheer Eyeshadow Gold Trench no. 04
Sheer Eyeshadow Pale Barley no. 26
Eye Definer Golden Brown no. 06

Burberry Lips
Lip Velvet Siren Red – launching soon
Lip Definer Brick Red no. 05

Burberry Beauty is available at Burberry stores and selected department stores worldwide.

In My MakeUp Kit – Burberry Lip Mist 213 in Field Rose

rosie huntington whiteley, burberry

So you would think that with two full palettes of nude lipsticks, that would be enough. I thought so – or I’ve been trying to think so as I’ve been trying to use the products I have instead of madly cruising for new ones (a girl can, unfortunately, only carry so much makeup). However! Now I’ve found the new Burberry Lip Mists, and all bets are off.

When one thinks of Burberry, one thinks of trenchcoats, London, and Rosie Huntington Whiteley (well I do anyway). The Burberry makeup range won’t dress you or take you to London but it may take you that little bit closer to Rosie’s look – OK, well some of the way anyway. They do some of the best nude lipsticks I’ve ever found. Lots of nude lipsticks actually make you look dead, by stripping too much colour out of the lips, which can be great to pair with a strong smokey eye but quite frankly, is just not that flattering on most people. What works better is something that enhances the pigment you have in your lips, which is why the Burberry lippies are so great. There is a plethora of natural shades to choose from, so you can find something that makes you look gorgeous, instead of Night of the Living Dead nude.

I am loving the Lip Mist in 213 Field Rose right now, as it IS the colour of my natural lips, but kicked up, ooh maybe half a notch. It’s quite creamy and not too sheer so it sort of fills in the edges and makes my lips look fuller and well, dare I say it, a little bit pouty. Not quite Rosie territory but getting there. I do love a lip product that you can just whack on without thinking about, and this is one of those – effortless gorgeousness.

Burberry Beauty is available from selected David Jones’ stores in Australia.