Video: Bruce Weber’s “A New Fashioned Christmas” for Selfridges

Only my favourite photographer, Bruce Weber, could make Christmas seem even more magical than it already is. Falling snow, London taxi cabs, ballet dancers, puppies, ponies, boxers – well I wish my Christmas could be like that. Sadly handsome pugilists and horse-drawn carriages are in short supply at my house at Christmas. Note to self – must rectify this by December 25th!


Video: Bruce Weber for Carine Roitfeld Fashion Book


By now most of you must know that Bruce Weber is one of my all-time favourite photographers – I love his world of exceptional beauty and joyful connection with his subject and his audience. I was fortunate enough enough to work with him a few times when I was assisting Kay Montano in London, and he is one of the few people that make me genuinely tongue-tied. Which is strange as he’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but I’m such a fan-girl of his work and have been since I was a teenager when I used to plaster his amazing photos all over my room. He is one of the true great masters of photography.

I couldn’t resist the video of his latest, gorgeous shoot for Carine Roitfeld’s new venture, the beautiful magazine CR Fashion Book. It features model of the moment Kate Upton, smiling babies, chicks, the ubiquitous Bruce puppies and a male model in a Unicorn suit. Enjoy!