Secret Weapon: Prtty Peaushun Body Lotion

This is a GENIUS product, and my latest obsession. The woman who makes this (US Celeb makeup artist, Bethany Karlyn) must be so damn clever, because it performs on every level. I didn’t think anything body makeup wise could come along and take the place of my beloved MAC Face and Body, (and I will always carry it in my kit), but this guy – well he’s definitely earned a place right in there too.

Prtty Peaushun Body LotionIt makes your skin gleam like an expensive sports car, but it’s not shimmery or too shiny – which we all know is just soooo 2000. I have the colour Dark, and it has topped up my fading tan to make it look like I have beautiful skin – not that I’m wearing shimmery body makeup (and I defy you to find me any woman who wants to look like that). It gives you Victoria’s Secret body skin (sadly not the body as well, Jesus can you imagine if you could get one of those in a jar?) Sexy, smooth, perfect – like it’s been airbrushed, which has to be one of the most over-used terms in the beauty lexicon but in this case happens to be true.

Plus it’s natural – yes that’s right, all natural ingredients. It has 92% raw, natural ingredients, with no parabens, petrochemicals or animal products, AND it’s not tested on animals. So for those of you (and we’re growing by the day) who don’t like to put chemicals on their body, this is for you. And it feels good when you put it on – it’s a sheer weight cream that looks quite dark but it blends on smoothly, with no streaking, and no tell-tale orange palms. It glides on like a dream, doesn’t transfer onto clothes and just seems to set, so you can forget about it. As if all that wasn’t enough, it smells great, and the packaging is the coolest silver screwtop pouch that makes dispensing the right amount of product a dream. Love, love, LOVE this product, and it’s been awhile since I’ve flipped for something. But flip I have for this. Especially with summer around the corner in the Northern hemisphere, you need this in your life (and your makeup arsenal).
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Bag It – Nude Age Defense Moisturiser

Nude Age Defense MoisturiserI have to admit to being a bit of a sucker for organic skincare – I like the advantages it has over its chemical counterparts and the general organic ethos of being kind to the planet whilst we’re kind to ourselves (and what’s more beautiful than that?)

Nude Skincare is one of the original players in this new and burgeoning market – they have an extensive range of pre and probiotic plant based botanical products, and the Age Defense Moisturiser is the one that has crept into my kit, replacing my old faithful Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser.

I love the Age Defense because it leaves skin soft but not slippery, providing quite a nice matte base for makeup. It has orchid and the new wonder oil, argan to reduce wrinkles (not that any of my clients have those!), and hyaluronic acid keeps water in the skin where it belongs. And best of all it does it without parabens, sulphates or mineral oils, so none of the usual skincare nasties. I also love it because it is carbon neutral, ethically responsible with the ingredients it uses, and doesn’t test on animals (and with the recent surge in laboratory experiments on animals, this is increasingly becoming a concern of mine – there’s nothing uglier than unnecessary suffering).

The smell at first is a little earthy for those of us used to all the chemical stuff coming out of the lab, but actually now I’ve been using it for awhile I quite like it. And once you try organic skincare, I promise, you’ll be hooked. Kay is a huge advocate of it, regularly using the lip balm on her celeb clientele, and silkening Claudia Schiffer’s famous and endless legs in the Body Moisturiser. It just might be going on my wish-list for Santa this year – after all it is October, and I have been good!

Nude Age Defense Moisturiser – BAG IT!

Paris or Perez?

If you’re minted (like Paris), or just need a guilty, cheap little pleasure (like Perez) this section covers both ends of the shopping spectrum.

If I have to slather a celebrity, it’s Kiehl’s Crème de Corps all the way, because it’s rich, creamy formula locks in moisture and makes skin gleam expensively.

For runway, when I’m going to be frantically rubbing acres of long teenage legs (one of which I have been unceremoniously kicked with, by an especially grumpy catwalker, in seasons past), it’s got to be good ole’ Nivea Body Lotion. It’s non-greasy, soaks in fast and makes skin look like satin. Perfect!