Right Now: BECCA Cosmetics is now available on Cult Beauty!

Becca Cosmetics

Pretty excited to hear that one of my favourite makeup brands is now available on one of the best online beauty destinations, Cult Beauty (because really, who hasn’t had too much Wine Time and cracked out the credit card for some late night internet beauty therapy?)

I’ve been a big fan of BECCA Cosmetics since they started right when I was starting my makeup career – in fact, they sponsored the first show I ever did, and were VERY generous with product, so I had a great selection of all their foundations and concealers for years in my kit. Since those days they’ve gone from strength to strength yet always remaining true to their brand DNA of gorgeous natural textures and being inclusive of all skin tones, plus their foundations never feel cakey or heavy and make the skin look amazing.

Recently they’ve launched some new products that I’m keen to try – the Ultimate Coverage Concealing Cream looks pretty great, as does the beach Tint Shimmer Souffle (I can actually hear my bank account begging for mercy).

So if you like to look like you, only much, much prettier, hop over to Cult Beauty (credit card and wine are optional).


An Ode to Cream Blush

cram blush

When the weather in the Northern hemisphere starts warming up, and the beach (or at least a patch of green grass in the park) starts beckoning, I know it’s time to start switching up my makeup routine. It’s almost instinctive – powders start feeling goopy and heavy, your skin wants lighter products (with sunscreen!) and you don’t feel like spending lots of time getting ready. In summer let’s face it, everyone generally looks better with a flush of healthy colour.

With that in mind, I love cream products as they are fast, portable, can be dabbed on with a finger and let your natural glow come through. For me in summer, it’s all about cream blushes and bronzers. Here are my picks of the season:

Stila Convertible Colour – these are the prettiest flush you will find in a compact. I carry about 8 in my kit on every makeup job, and pat them on to the apple of the cheek either with my fingers, or with a sponge. You can also blend in with a brush, and my favourite for this is the MAC 187 large duofibre blending brush.

Paul & Joe Creamy Cheek in 03 – this is it, this is the one that I’m personally wearing all summer long. Deceptively pale in its sweet Art-deco inspired pink packaging, it can be built to a gorgeous flush of colour with a subtle shimmer that makes you look uber-healthy.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge – These come in a gorgeous chunky pot and really can be used on lips and cheeks. I love Calypso Coral for a punchy flush of colour and Summer Tan for a monochromatic bronze effect.

NARS Multiples – yes, every one raves about these because they are amazing. The shimmery bronze-y shades are my favourite, and I mix and match St Barts, South Beach and Palm Beach depending on the models’ skin tone. You can also add Malibu or Riviera on the apples of the cheek (if you felt like taking a walk on the wild side.)

Chanel Bronze Universel – a big, chunky beautiful pot of caramel bronze goodness with a hint of shimmer – just enough to look like skin, that you buff in with a big brush. Such a perfect start to the day as well – dipping into a big pot with the double C’s on top.

Becca – juicy, sweet little pans of blush in punchy, unusual colours like Hyacinth, Turkish Rose and Amaryllis. I keep a good selection on hand at all times, and it is equally sweet on lips. This is a lovely range for the summer months as no-one does flattering, natural, juicy summer colours like an Aussie brand, and this one definitely fits the bill.

These are just a few of my favourite cream blushes – The other lovely thing about cream blushes is you can layer them under your powder blush or bronzer to create a new, more longer lasting blush colour. Because cream blush, like summer, will fade. But the memory of it lingers on.

Right now – Transeasonal Beauty

Estee Lauder Signature Satin Crème Blush in Nude Light

It’s hard to be a global beauty citizen. I’m shooting Autumn/Winter beauty stories, but still on nice days in Sydney I’m also shooting late swimwear and beach stories as the weather has been so rubbish that they’ve all been postponed (forever, it feels like). Then I’m having loads of lovely bags land on my desk full of yummy upcoming products, which can either be Autumn/Winter, or Spring/Summer, depending on each company – and in the Northern Hemisphere it’s freezing and in Sydney it’s (technically) Summer.

Then online, I’m looking at either Spring/Summer this year – or reading up on the beauty from the shows, for Autumn/Winter NEXT year. And thus, my head is spinning! More beauty than you can poke a stick at. What to do? Well all I know is what I love at the moment, so I thought I’d tell you my favourite products that I’m getting lots of lovely use out of, right now – regardless of the season.

60’s eyeliner – Such a staple, and I love a feline flick at the moment. You can have it as thin as a spiderweb or thick and black and channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. My current fave I’m getting lots of use out of is the MyFace Slinky black liquid eyeliner. It’s matte, it’s inky black, easy to use, generous and goopy and not thin and nasty and watery. It makes lining eyes a breeze!

Add lashes – I’m still loving Revlon Grow Luscious mascara, or I also like Clinique Hi-Impact mascara. I am on the market for a new super fat lash mascara though, so if anyone has used one lately they think is fab, please let me know in the comments below.

Soft blush – I’m still favouring an earthy, gorgeous cheek that’s somewhere between a contour and a flush. Estee Lauder Signature Satin Crème Blush in Nude Light is the one I’ve been reaching for.

Luminiser – Because really, who doesn’t like to glow a little bit? My top picks at the moment are Benefit’s That Gal (for fairer complexions) and Jemma Kidd’s Dewy Glow All-Over Radiance Crème in Rosy Glow for a peachy shimmer. Darker skins as always get Becca Topaz – I’ve never found a better shimmer for darker skin tones.

A soft lip – Still with the pinks! Sorry everyone who is waiting to just get over my candy shop fixation right now – it’s still on. I like watercolour lipshines at the moment that look like a glaze and add a sweetness to the makeup. Luckily every company seems to be doing them. Rouge Coco Lipshines, Dior Addict lipsticks and Clinique’s Almost Lipsticks are the texture that I’m loving right now. For gloss I can’t go past Stila’s Lip Glaze in Fantasy, a gorgeous strawberry pink.

Add them all together and it’s a look that’s not summer, it’s not winter, but it’s just gorgeous and elegant and I love it. Take that global beauty!



In My Makeup Kit: Becca Lost Weekend

Becca Lost Weekend

I have been naughty everyone, and slack – in fact, a bad beauty blogger. Whilst I was off swanning around Fiji, relaxing by the pool and reading trashy true crime novels, I’ve let you all down massively. I haven’t told you about a little gem that I found recently which immediately found it’s way in to my kit, and that is only available for less than two more weeks!

I saw that on my Twitter feed that the new BECCA collection is out very, very soon and I felt chastened – here’s me all relaxed and happy whilst my poor readers are missing out on finding out about one of the nicest brown shadow eyeshadow palettes I have seen in ages. I was planning to do a post on Best Brown Eyeshadows, and I started… but I couldn’t choose. There were just SO MANY of them. Earthy taupes and decadent chocolates, rich plum browns and coppery biscuit tans, minky, milky browns that make your eyes pop, and shimmery taupe-y browns that make you sigh. Where does one start on a post like that? So I didn’t, embalmed in my post-holiday glow. And so Lost Weekend would have stayed the Lost Weekend.

Inspired by the earthy colours of the Australian bush, you can see how gorgeous it looks here in the campaign images. The brown is the stand-out colour for me as it’s a rich caramel but more on the grey side, not too yellow so it’s beautiful blended through the crease or as a soft liner. There is also a lovely pink-y flesh tone that is gorgeous as a base colour, and a similar pink that has a hint of shimmer through it that pulls the two other colours together in perfect harmony. They are the best neutrals I’ve seen in ages, so for a natural look for every day, this is my go-to palette.

Get the Lost Weekend…before it’s gone for good.




In My Makeup Kit: BECCA Eye Tint in Baroque

I’m back from my lovely tropical holiday and I am ready to rumble! I went makeup-free for a week, swam in the sea every day and did nothing but read books on my Kindle and lie in the sun, so after a week completely beauty-free, I’m itching to get back into my kit and get back to work! Here’s what’s new on my radar.

Becca Eye Tint
Becca Eye Tint

I’m a big fan of BECCA Cosmetics, and have been since they started, over a decade ago now. I love their ethos of beauty being based on beautiful skin, which when the company began was quite revolutionary. Hence all their formulas are lightweight and sheer, but still with more than enough pigmentation to do the job at hand (witness their heavy duty concealers that provide undetectable coverage, and the Shimmering Skin Perfectors that look like gorgeous skin, not sparkly face highlighter – both firm MM faves!)

My latest addition to my kit? BECCA’s Eye Tint in Baroque, a perfect flesh colour beige, like the colour you wish your eyelids were (if one was partial to such daydreams, and if you’re anything like me I know you’ve had that thought!) The Eye Tints are tiny little squeeze tubes of colour which are beautiful either on their own, or layered together, or as a base for powder shadow to give the powder shadow a boost and staying power.

Right now I am loving a gorgeous, effortless face that looks like you’re wearing nothing at all but that Mother Nature likes you very, very much. I’m pairing the BECCA Baroque Eye Tint with curled lashes, Chanel Bronze Universel, the sheerest whisper of foundation and concealer, and a slick of Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment on the lips. Maybe I never really left the beach?