(Nearly) In My Kit: Astalift


It’s very rare for me to get excited about skincare – a lot of it I think is really just Hope in a Jar, and various things give me skin reactions, so I tend to stick with my old faithfuls (Liz Earle, Aesop, Lancôme) and approach the new with just plain skepticism.

But this stuff? It’s extraordinary. Consider me officially obsessed. It’s actually changed the texture of my skin so it felt smoother AS I was applying it. Not after – whilst it was going on! And get this – IT STAYED THAT WAY. Even a few days after I’ve stopped using it, my skin felt firmer and smoother. I don’t need to exfoliate as often, and let me tell you my skin is nothing to write home about generally, so Astalift had some work to do.

The improvement in texture has been just the tip of the iceberg! My skin does look younger, or so I’m told (makes preening gesture that makes you want to punch me), and I love the Astalift Day Cream as a base for makeup. Although you know what? I haven’t been able to bring myself to drag it out of my personal stash to put in my kit yet, although I will. Makeup artists Florrie White, Hannah Murray and Kay Montano are already going through this delicious new range at the rate of knots, so I’m guessing I will love it for work. It’s just so good I can’t bear to pull it out of my personal stash just yet!

All of this amazingness is even before you get into the Jelly Aquarysta Concentrate which is like something from the Matrix, an incredible jelly-like substance that gives the skin this amazing bouncy texture. You really have to see this substance to believe it.

Astalift utilises Aquarysta, which is a transparent, naturally red jelly which harnesses the power of Astaxanthin. This is the most powerful natural antioxidant known, 1000 times more powerful than CO Q10. It’s then combined with cellulose and ceramide in a jelly formulation. It utilizes the smallest of micro-particles to deliver the ingredients into the skin.

And do you know why I trust this stuff? A) because I’ve tried it and it works, and B) because do you know who created it? Fujifilm. Yes, the photography company. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, but if you think about it, it makes total sense – who knows more about the effects of light and photo aging than a photography company? They’ve been around since 1934, and without getting too nerdy about it (I’ve been getting my Wikipedia on), they started as the first producer of Japanese films, moved on to optical glasses and lenses, then onto medical diagnostics (X-rays etc), created the Xerox photocopier and more recently continued to diversify into cameras, lenses, film stock and digital photographic technologies. Do you think they know a thing or two about how light affects cells?

Of course as it’s so fabulous I was thinking it would be prohibitively expensive, but when I found out the prices I was really shocked by how affordable Astalift is. Regular MM readers will know that money is no object in my world when it comes to great skincare and cosmetics – not because I’m loaded but because fabulous has no price tag! (Until the credit card bills come in, then there is definitely a price tag. But at least I know I’ll be heading to debtors prison looking, literally, like a million bucks). But if I don’t have to remortgage my home to pay for my favourite skincare, so much the better.

I digress. Check out these prices for the best skincare I have ever used:
Jelly Aquarysta: £69
Day Cream: £44
Night Cream: £48

So I will definitely be re-stocking when I finish these, which is a very rare occurrence at MM HQ.


And I definitely otice the differenece if I stop using it for a few days (which happened when I was testing something else.)