Stop Press! New MAC Collection Art Supplies is Ace!

New MAC Collection Art SuppliesSo one of the bonuses about doing the shows (apart from major adrenaline surges, not having time to eat, living on caffeine, seeing all your makeup artist and hair mates and working with the most amazing clothes on the planet), is getting to see the new makeup goodies before anyone else. And let me tell you, MAC are not going to disappoint in their upcoming collections.

The one that has me going is the aptly named Art Supplies (be still my beating heart!) They have shiny grease eyeshadow crayons in a jumbo pen – yes, a jumbo pen! – that can be used as an eyeliner or a shadow and the colors are gorge – shiny pewter, deep aubergine, shimmering navy, lovely jade green and of course, the archetypal black. They go on like a dream, have a beautiful sheen to them and aren’t as greasy as a paintstick, so they are easier to handle. Yum, yum, yum, want, want, want!

And the other thing I got excited about is these jumbo lip crayons that are coming out (very, very similar in style to CoverGirl’s Outlast Lip stain markers, but I guess great ideas are ripe for the nicking…) – they give a gorgeous base to a lip and last for ages, so you can chuck them in your handbag and never have a lipstick-less look again! Art Supplies will be out in April 2010.

Here is a link to an excellent makeup blog, that has all the details about upcoming collections and is a must for MAC lovers. Ch-ch-ch-eck it out.

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