Stop Press! MAC Face Charts from New York Fashion Week

This week has been the start of the global fashion circus that rolls around the world from New York, then to London, then Milan and onto Paris before all the fashion crew get a 6 month rest, until it all starts up again.

I’ve been diligently keeping an eye on the trends coming out of New York, and right from the word go it’s been a surprising season beauty-wise, as it’s all about colour. New York is known for the usually “tasteful” (read “tame”) makeup and hair that struts down its runways. It is generally the most conservative of all the Fashion Weeks, but this week has been a showstopper in more ways than one. Rust red eyes, 70’s disco full makeup, fluoro pink lips, gold-grey lips and gold lashes, it’s all happening! And thank god, there has barely been a beige face in sight.

As always MAC are the go-to brand for the shows, (although NARS and Shiseido are making a few incursions onto the runways, which is nice to see). Here are some of my top picks so far from the shows – these are the looks that will be inspiring you in the season to come. Get ready to crack out the fun stuff ladies, it’s a makeup-fest!

New York Fashion Week Mac Face Charts
Click on the pictures to download the Mac Face Charts

4 Replies to “Stop Press! MAC Face Charts from New York Fashion Week”

  1. LOVE the Carolina Herreraa. MAC trend talks are always a high point when the season starts, so excited to see the new trends. Ace blog post – we’re all ahead of the game now! Thanks Miss Mole!x

    1. I love the show reports as well – it’s time to start getting excited about makeup again! (Not like we ever stop, but you know what I mean). Glad to be of service.

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