(Not So) Secret Weapon – Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

I almost feel stupid for writing this as a Secret Weapon, and I’ve had it on my list to write about ever since I started blogging really. How can something so blindingly obvious be a Secret Weapon?

Then I realized about 70% of my private clients had either never used an eyelash curler, or hadn’t done so for years, and I thought what’s obvious to a makeup artist is not always so obvious to everyone else. (Although if I had 50 cents for every time a makeup artist called it their Number 1 beautifying tip, I’d have, well, more money than I do now. But sometimes the reason things are cliché is because they are true!)

Eyelash curlers make your lashes, and by extension, your eyes, look awesome. They open the eye and make them look bigger since you don’t have all that droopy eye fringe hanging in the way. They make your lashes look longer and give them a beautiful, flirty shape, ready to be mascara-ed. If you look tired they wake you up, and if you’re on the older side of the equation – well let’s face it we can use all the help we can get, and anything that lifts your features has to be a good thing, doesn’t it?

There are lots of eyelash curlers on the market, but I just can’t go past Shu Uemura’s. I have used it for my whole career, and I carry back-ups since they always seem to go “missing” (aka STOLEN by some light-fingered, stick-lashed nasty person). The Shu curlers are the best as they are designed for Asian eyes, so they can get into the smallest corners of the lashes. They are the perfect shape, never tugging or pulling, and as Asian lashes tend to be quite straight they deliver serious curling action without weird crimping or bends.

And they are workhorses! My own personal pair – which miraculously never seems to go “missing”, I have had for about 8 years now. It curls like a dream every time, and never breaks, despite being dumped unceremoniously in my makeup bag every day without fail.

Every makeup artist I know carries lash curlers, and there is a reason for this people – they make you prettier. You can’t go past the Shu original – it’s the best.


9 Replies to “(Not So) Secret Weapon – Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers”

  1. Amen Sister!! I’ve been using these since I was 15 yo! That’s hmmm about 20 yrs now! Damn! But you’re so right, I’m always stunned when I hear of people not using them or even worse seeing MUA not using them! Yes they exist! I had assistants in Germany who refused to use them on the models! Shock right? The Shu’s are definitely the best ones though. I wished they still sold the rubber pads individually as replacements. Thanks lovely, once again great post and good memories! x

    1. That’s so weird that you’ve met makeup artists who won’t use them! I’ve tried the heated ones too but always go back to my trusty Shus. I wish they sold the pads individually as well – maybe if we campaign hard enough they’ll bring them back? I’m on a bit of an old faithfuls tangent at the mo – I know new and shiny stuff is lovely but there’s always a place in your makeup bag for the tried and true.

  2. These have been in my bag for years as well! I never thought about why everybody loved them so much, but it makes sense what you said about them being made for smaller lashes!

    1. That’s my opinion anyway (it’s not Shu’s view, but I’ve been convinced of it for years.) They’re just perfect!

  3. They’re totally great BUT the replacement pad issue really annoys me too… it feels like such a money making ploy. Campaign campaign!!

  4. I will now hang my head in shame and say that I have never used eyelash curlers before! They scare me, yet I hear so many people rave about them, the Shu variety in particular. I feel as though I am missing out!

    Emma x

    1. It really depends on whether you have naturally curly lashes – a few lucky souls do and they don’t really need it, but for everyone else it’s a serious beautifier.

  5. They keep telling me that these curlers lengthen my lashes curl them up at the end and make my eyes look bigger. Unfortunately for me my stubborn lashes like to point South in their usual stubby fashion and no amount of coaxing, squeezing or heating will get them to do otherwise. So I will have to satisfy myself with reading other peoples accounts of miraculous transformations at the squeeze of this remarkable beautifier.

    1. That’s a shame, and indeed there are a few people with very stubborn straight eyelashes. Try lots of mascara instead!

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