Secret Weapon: Bioderma Crealine H20 cleanser


Bioderma Crealine

Without being all melodramatic, I don’t think I could function at work without this cleanser. It’s kind of a cult secret amongst makeup artists, so I hope I’m not going to be excommunicated for talking about it outside the hallowed portals of professional makeup artistry, but this really is the ultimate makeup remover.

It’s gentle enough to be used on people with sensitive skin and eyes yet takes off pretty much all makeup in one wipe. On the last show season I was working on the Australian model Myf Shepherd (who is such a rapidly rising star that she walked 62 shows over the international Fashion Weeks), and by London her skin was already feeling the burn from constant makeup changes and the skin-insulting properties of baby wipes.

So I told her what I tell all the girls who are sick of ripping their faces off with whatever happens to be backstage, and that is to get herself a bottle of Crealine remover next time she was in Paris so she wouldn’t get caught short again.

It comes in a clear bottle and looks like water, so you simply saturate a cotton pad, and one wipe later, your makeup is off. It removes eye makeup in one swipe, it doesn’t sting and it can be used on skin as well, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated, not taut and dry (even in winter).

The drawback? It’s French (so like lots of good stuff), you need to get it from French pharmacies and even then not all of them have it. I’ve spent many a trip to Paris figuring out which pharmacies do and which ones don’t. But it does last ages and it’s not expensive – about 15 Euros per bottle. I always have about 3 or 4 in stock so I know I will never run out (which is probably a little paranoid but you never know when there will be an apocalyptic makeup war that will wipe out all forms of skincare and color cosmetics, so I’m stockpiling NOW).

Although it’s fine for most waterproof makeup, one thing I would say is that if you wear a lot of extremely hardcore waterproof liners (like MAC Liquidlast), you need an oil makeup remover as well. Crealine will do the job eventually but you will be there for a while – however if you’re a Liquidlast lover you know you need something pretty potent to get it off as once on, that sucker does not move!

On a side note: not that you would do this because it would be really stupid, but don’t leave a bottle next to your bed after a night of heavy cocktail consumption, and right next to it a bottle of Evian (which it bears a more than passing resemblance to in the dark). Because if you were to wake up with a raging thirst in the middle of night, Crealine TASTES REALLY REALLY BAD. Don’t for the love of God go drinking it.

Don’t ask me how I know that.


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  1. I use this line and I have tried so, so, sooo many different products and until the Bioderma entered my life I was about done with products altogether! My poor sensitive/allergy ridden skin was sad and fed up.. This line is so wonderful.. I wish it was more available though, but i can live with mail-order! 🙂 -Zee

    1. That’s a great question! My skin isn’t prone to breakouts now so I can’t say what it’s like for me, however I used it on a model with terrible cystic acne last week and it didn’t seem to make it any more inflamed or worse. The models all use it at the shows overseas as it’s much gentler than the wipes that get used on their poor skin, over and over.

      But I really couldn’t say on a twice daily basis whether it would be the best thing for your breakout-prone skin. When I used to have breakouts I would use Cetaphil cleanser (from the chemist) and I found that the best thing for not aggravating my skin.

  2. I know, I know, you posted this review ages ago but I just wanted to say that because of your review (and Lisa Eldridge! haha) on my last day in Paris I sauntered into a pharmacist, saw it, and went OMG I FORGOT I NEEDED THIS. I bought 2 500ml bottles because I wasn’t sure when I’d be back – so… thankyou!!!

    1. So glad you remembered it Claire, are you liking it? I won’t go on a job without it, it’s such a key part of my kit. Thanks for letting me know!

    1. Ah thanks Clare, glad you like it It’s the only thing I use to cleanse my skin with at night, and I wouldn’t go on a makeup job without it (and we LOVE the double packs you can get in France on sale!)

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