Secret Weapon: Becca Concealer

Becca ConcealerIt’s not because I’m an Aussie that I’m partial to this lovely line made by an Australian makeup artist, Rebecca Morrice Williams – no, it takes an awful lot more than that to get a free pass in my kit these days. Space is at a premium, baby! And because of my severe space issues, for a while I took out my selection of Becca concealers. But I quickly found out, I couldn’t live without them. No, really.

The Becca range is designed around the foundations and concealers – they are the DNA of the brand if you like, and the CRAZY idea, that people are different colors – not just 6 shades of Barbie doll beige (not mentioning any names here, but you know which brands you are), or even worse, one shade fits all. Because in this crazy patchwork quilt world we live in, 6 shades of foundation just doesn’t cut the mustard. Which is why Becca has a whopping 31 shades of stick foundation, and 34 of concealer. And, my beauty loving friends, why I can’t live without it. Because it has certain shades you just can’t get anywhere else. I’m talking alabaster white for our fair skinned sisters, and the deeper duskier hues of caramel and walnut for black skins, which often have undertones of green and red (or even yellow if you’re mixed race), that the bigger cosmetics players don’t address. I defy you to try Becca and not meet your match.

Regular Moleage fans probably know that I endlessly bang the drum for cosmetics houses to be in more inclusive of all skintones – reason being I’m a fair skinned blonde, so for me personally I’ll be right Jack, I’ve got a zillion shades in every brand to choose from, but as a makeup artist I get to feel the pain of anyone who doesn’t have whitebread skin. I have to deal with every type of skin and every type of skin tone, and it’s taken me literally YEARS to find the right products.

Which is why Becca is back in my kit and staying there, because not only is the color range second to none, it covers with serious staying powder and can be used equally under the eyes, or on a pimple without cakiness (as you can sheer it out with a brush). And even more genius! It comes in two densities in one compact – one lighter for under the eye, and the heavier one for any skin problems.

Kay Montano also loves it, and uses concealer in Cappucino on Thandie Newton, Sherbert on Nicole Kidman and Praline on Rachel Weisz.

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  1. hi i am an indonesian make up student living in sydney.

    i was just thinking to try becca’s concealers, and now i absolutely gonna buy it!!!
    i love your reviews..they are so convincing and very informative.


    1. It really depends on your coloring, and what color/type of undereye circle you have (getting technical here), but that’s why I carry all of these in my kit! Once I counted and I had 62 different shades of concealer in my kit. On a basic level, Estee Lauder is good if you pinky caucasian skin and your eye circles aren’t too bad. Bobbi Brown is brilliant because it has the undereye correctors, and is better for yellow toned skin. Becca is fab for darker skins, very pale skins, actually pretty much every skin tone because the range is so extensive, but is not as creamy so if you are dry under the eyes Bobbi could be better. Without seeing you, it’s hard to make a recommendation, but I would go to the counters and get the ladies there to apply them for you – then you can decide (after a few hours of wear!) which one suits. I hope that helps.

  2. Is there anywhere I can get very small color samples before purchase? Becca can be found online and from what I have read it is not carried in any USA store-am I right?

    1. Hi there, as far as I know Becca unfortunately don’t do samples (which is a shame). Have you tried emailing the Becca website and asking if you can get more specific info about the colours? In the past they had some great comparisons using celebrity skin tones – for instance, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry – so you could pick the celeb who’s skin most resembled yours. It was pretty accurate and comprehensive if memory serves but I’m not sure they do it anymore.

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