RIP MAC Blushcremes

MAC BlushcremesI’m sorry to devastate you all, but I heard a rumour swirling around on Twitter yesterday, and checked it on the website today – and it’s true! MAC’s amazing Blushcremes are no more.

Devastation is not the word! What shall I do without them? I have almost all of them and was planning to breeze into MAC at some point for the last couple I don’t own, only to find out they’ve gone to the great Makeup Box in the Sky. Oh Ladyblush, Pleasureful and Posey, what shall I do without you? Not to mention Cheery, Cherche and Laid Back. My clients’ cheeks will never be the same. If you have them I suggest you guard them jealously (because if I find out their location, I could well be coming over to do a midnight raid on your makeup stash. You have been warned).

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  1. It’s *really* annoying when they do this. I had read that they’re bringing out a new cream blush formulation to replace it. I know a lot of people found the blushcremes quite sticky and hard to blend, but if you get the technique right (don’t use too much, tap to apply rather than rub) they are fantastic. I hope MAC doesn’t replace with a very silicone-heavy formula.

    1. They are bringing out a new cream blush formulation, Dean at MAC told me so. Hopefully it won’t be too long to wait, and yes, I hope they don’t change the formula too much as well. I love the gooey finish on the old blushcremes, it’s one of the things that make them look so amazing!

    1. I think I have Madly Magenta, and if it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s v. nice. Would be lovely on you! I see MAC have got you back again… They never lose us for long, do they?

  2. Cheery and Fabulush are my faves although I haven’t reached for either very much lately. I really need to get Madly Magenta from Stylishly Yours, it swatches amazingly well! I think they only have four shades in the upcoming blush collection and two are ones that have been discontinued! They need to pull their ear out and add more shades!!

    1. I know, right? You’ll need to be quick though as I don’t think we’re going to be the only people trying to track those babies down, unfortunately.

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