Right Now: www.neilmoodie.com

It’s a great week at MM HQ as one of my favourite hairdressers, Mr Neil Moodie, has a brand, spanking new blog out, and it’s gorgeous. Neil is not only an amazing hairdresser (the hair at the Burberry shows and in the ads – that’s Neil, every season), and he’s done everyone from Victoria’s Secret’s Angels to Gwyneth Paltrow. He began his career working with iconic photographer Corinne Day throughout her career – Corinne’s photos of Kate Moss? All Neil.

Most recently he’s had a gorgeous British Vogue cover with Arizona Muse, so he knows his stuff. Oh, and he’s the loveliest guy with a super-cute dog, and did I mention he’s hilarious? As in I would clap my hands when I saw his name on a call sheet for a job as he would just have me in stitches all day long.

Now you can regularly visit MoodieWorld with interviews, how-tos, behind-the-scenes and general glamness at www.neilmoodie.com

I’m going to be a regular visitor.


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