Right Now: Luxury Nudes

Let’s get naked. Not clothes-wise, lips-wise. I’m all about lips at the moment – I can’t tell you how many gorgeous lipsticks and glosses I have received lately, so with your indulgence I will be posting about the best of the bunch over the next few weeks.

I was starting to get pretty bored with my nudes palette – not that it isn’t chock-full of classic nudes, creams and beiges and it has given me many good miles of service, but sometimes you just need something new in the mix to stop you poking the model in the eye from boredom. Enter my new naked lippy love, which is Burberry’s delicious Lip Cover in 01. It’s a beautiful creamy beige peach nude that has a very slight silvery reflective sheen to it, so it helps to stop the lip from looking too flat  (a problem with some nudes).

But then! (And this is where it gets really interesting), I’m now slathering Sisley’s new Phyto Gloss in 1 on top. This is the perfect biscuity hi-shine gloss that instantly takes a look into the realms of luxury. A good nude gloss can be hard to find as many of them are too pale, and pale, goopy beige gloss is never a good look. This one has enough density and pigment to make it chic and not Kardashian.

I do need to put a disclaimer however – obviously nude lips need to be based on what is nude for your skintone. What is one woman’s Claudia Schiffer Guess bombshell lip is another woman’s Corpse Bride, so always try before you buy. And nude lips are best with a hint of cheek and something delicious on the eye – either full –on smoky or at least some black, brown or grey liner and mascara for definition. Otherwise you will look like the Woman With No Features.

So channel your inner Brigitte Bardot and get naked.

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