Right Now: Illamasqua Fight for a Fair Price for Beauty

First off, apologies for not posting last week. Suffice it to say I’m having some house dramas at present, involving lots of tradesmen clumping around in fluorescent vests and work boots. It’s not exactly conducive to beauty writing, or even beauty thinking!

However, there is something I HAVE to tell you about (tradies notwithstanding). Illamasqua, the maverick British beauty company, has started a petition to ask Australian consumers whether they want to pay a fair price for beauty. Founder of Illamasqua, Julian Kynaston, explains the initiative here

Basically Australian consumers are getting royally ripped off when it comes to makeup and skincare. I found this out the hard way when I lost my work blush bag during the move from London to Sydney. I strutted up to the makeup counters to replace at least my favourites, pointing with gay abandon to different colours, “Oooh, that one… and that one… and that one over there – and how about that new blush? How much are they by the way?”


Put all those back. I’ll take one pink, and one peach.”

And that, my makeup-loving friends, was the end of my aimless wandering in cosmetic halls, dropping my credit card whenever I fancied.

So now Illamasqua are helping to us, by joining the fight against these criminally high prices in Australia. I’ve signed the petition – will you?


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