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New NARS Summer 2010 CollectionRocking my socks off this week is the new NARS Summer collection, which I was lucky enough to see and try a couple of months ago. It’s been hard but I’ve had to keep these little oceanic treasures to myself – until now, as they’re going to be on counter on May 1st.

This collection is, in my opinion, the most cohesive one NARS has done for some time, with several stand out pieces. It’s the reason why I am firmly back into NARS after a hiatus where I strayed into lots of other brands. It’s good to have a break from your favourite ranges from time to time as it makes you realize how many amazing products there are out there in the market place now – but when you return to an old favourite, it’s like falling in love all over again!

So why so crazy about this particular collection? For me it walks that line between some delicious snacks for my editorial kit – bright blue and green cream eyeshadow, yes please! And some straight beauty items that could go in any woman’s makeup bag – products that just make you pretty. We do love those at MM HQ! So here are my picks:

Burn it Blue cream eyeshadow duo – this was the first pal I picked up and it is described as an iridescent ocean blue paired with turquoise, which is just begging to be taken to the beach, wrapped on a model’s eyelids and photographed next to the ocean.

Cayenne – a deceptive dark brown cream eyeshadow that is the type of product you might pass over, but is surprisingly lovely on all eye colours. Like all cream eyeshadows, you can use it as a base for deeper, smoky looks by layering powder eyeshadow over the top.

Enchanted cream blush – the most gorgeous, happy cream blush you’ve ever seen that really does work on all skin tones, if its efforts at the Oscars are to be appreciated. Dusky beauty Zoe Saldana wore it, as did Jennifer Lopez, and it would be equally gorgeous on milkier-skinned starlets. PHENOMENAL. Perfect for work, and home!

Love Devotion – Bright, sheer guava lipstick. Because it’s very sheer it’s a nice way to get into the season’s statement lip trend without investing in a lipstick that’s so bright it just freaks you out (quite frankly). And if you want to amp it up, you could always add a bright pencil lipliner. I’m loving Barry M’s kohl liner in Orange as a base for a statement lip.

Now I just have to wait for his Primer to come out on May 15th! Which just goes to show there’s never a dull moment in Makeup World.

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  1. my first ever makeup brush was the Nars push and wiggle brush! I’ve never looked back! Especially when I discovered the Rebecca eyeshadow duo! I only dip into Nars from time to time now but it will forever and always be my first love!!! x

    1. I LOVE the brushes, unfortunately most of mine have been nicked at the shows (that’s how nice they are). And the Duo Eyeshadows… mmm, I have a backlog of those to acquire! I love the bright coloured ones especially.

  2. Loving this collection too, although I’ve only seen pictures yet. The eyeshadow duo looks fab, but how do you make it last? Cream eyeshadows always crease on me even with a primer, how do you make that gorgeous blue last through a workday? I adore NARS his makeup always makes me try new, unexpected things. Remember when he release a matte red eyeshadow some seasons ago? I never thought I would wear such a thing, but after one of the MUA explained me how to, it’s a staple for focusing on my green eyes!

    1. Cream eyeshadows DO crease, but there are a couple of things you can do to extend the life of them. You can either pat on a layer of translucent powder (with a finger or a soft brush) over the cream eyeshadow, which will make it last longer, or if you want to extend the wear AND intensify the colour payoff (as cream eyeshadows are sheerer than powder), you can layer a matching eyeshadow over it (NARS South Pacific duo eyeshadow is in the same gorgeous teal family. MAC also do some good ones in this tone). The other option would be to try an eyeshadow primer, which lots of people swear by but I have never been a fan of, until I tried the new NARS one which is coming out mid-May. I have only tested it so far and once it’s in my kit I’ll be testing it more extensively, but what I saw of it I was very impressed by. Happy cream eyeshadow-ing!

      1. Also I love that red Nars eyeshadow you have – is it called Emmanuelle? Such a weird colour but it’s so awesome.

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