New Beauty Breakdown! Rosie Huntington Whiteley in VS magazine

Photographer Greg Williams | Makeup by Florrie White

I saw this stunning shoot of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley last week in VS magazine, and I had to contact her makeup artist Florrie White, who I used to assist, and find out what she used. Having worked with Rosie, Florrie and Greg Williams at different times, I knew the three of them together would be magic. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Rosie look better – which makes for pretty incredible photos since Rosie is so naturally stunning anyway! Here’s what Florrie used:

“During this shoot the make-up got smokier and sexier, even though Rosie is still the embodiment of sexy without make-up. I generally always prefer the make-up when it has organically evolved throughout the shoot and settled on the face. I think this shot was the last set up of the day, taken overhead, inspired by the infamous shot of Marilyn Monroe in bed shot by Douglas Kirkland.

As always before each makeover I cleansed Rosie’s face with Decleor Aroma Cleanse Water (soon to be re-launched) and moisturised with my favourite product from Decleor, Life Radiance. This cream duo really evens out and soothes the complexion so little foundation or concealer is needed. It gives a glow. I work from my Bobbi Brown foundation palette using a mix of about 5 of the foundation shades along with two or three of the Eye Brighteners so the face isn’t flat in just one shade, and all blemishes are concealed in the right shade.

I filled in Rosie’s eyebrows with Laura Mercier’s eyebrow palette in Ash and Medium Brown. I can’t help mixing colours! I wanted them to be quite strong so they really framed her eyes. I basically brushed the powdered pigment through her natural brow line with a slanted brush, which also teased the hairs up and along.

Eyelashes curled, I played around with two Tom Ford Eye Colour Quads in Golden Mink and Cognac Sable. Firstly I used the palest shade from Golden Mink in the inner corners of the eyes. I then started by using the darkest matte shade from Cognac Sable very close to the top eyelashes, blending up to the socket. I really wanted depth in the eyes. I then mixed the more satin and shimmery shades from both compacts over this base, up to the socket and then slightly winging it out to create a feline and flirtatious shape which would work well for “Come hither” eyes and also work well with all the angles of the camera. I then smudged the same pigments under the eyes, blending them softly down. I love how the sparkly pigments soften the smoky look. I defined the eye further by drawing a line with a very sharpened Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eyeliner in Mahogany over the top lashes, again slightly winged out and also softly smudged into the bottom lashes, not a harsh line. To keep the eye open I applied Laura Mercier eye pencil in Nude into the inner rim of the bottom lash. With eyelashes curled I firstly lengthened the lashes with Sisley Ultra Stretch mascara and then gave them more impact and thickness Sisley Ultra Volume, both in black. I used the tip of the wand of the second mascara to wing out the outer top lashes to enhance the feline shape of the eyeshadow. More of each mascara on the bottom lashes.

Her skin and base were already flawless and dewy but I wanted to create more impact so played with the new illuminators from St. Tropez in Rose and Violet. I applied Violet into the inner socket of the eyes, lightly down the centre of the nose, and along the top of the cheeks and temples. I used the Rose shade over the apples and cheekbones which had already been warmed and contoured with Chanel Soft Glow Blush.

I think Rosie has the most infamous pout which in itself is perfection, so I only wanted to make sure all its beauty was picked up in the lights used on the shoot. After a soothing lick of Dior Rose lip balm, I lined the lips with Burberry Nude Beige – I love the minute silver pigments which really catch the light and enhance any pout. I then lightly dabbed Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 70 Sourire over her lips with my finger.

To keep the look set and any unwanted shine under control I used a light dusting of Sisley’s translucent powder down her T-zone.”


Florrie’s portfolio can be seen on the D+V website.

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