In My Makeup Kit: NARS Frisky Summer gloss

Nars Frisky Summer Lip GlossThis is a rescue gloss, sort of like a rescue dog only pinker, not as fluffy and definitely shiner (odds are on for who is cuter though). Rescue products in my home are the ones that are dug out from the back of the Vault, which is sort of like a resting place/retirement home for products that have had their day in my kit. And since I’m feeling gloss again after an 18 month hiatus where I only had about three tubes for those clients or jobs who desperately wanted a shiny mouth, I was quite excited to go and have a rummage.

And look what I found! NARS Frisky Summer is a juicy, soft raspberry that adds good shine and just the right pretty shade of pigment to your mouth, and right now I think it’s a nice addition to all the beige lips that have been coming down the runway. Because not everyone looks good with their lips gone, and everybody looks prettier in pink. Me likey, me likey!

PS: How can you not love a color called “Frisky Summer”?

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