Right Now: MyFace Paradisio Pink blush

This is SUCH a gorgeous colour. It’s a soft, baby pink that is unlike anything else I have in my kit. Close cousins would be NARS Mata Hari (but Mata Hari is paler) or Illamasqua’s Hussy (but Hussy is brighter). Paradisio Pink is just the perfect flush of face brightening pink. Kay Montano uses it regularly on Claudia Schiffer, who always looks pretty great in the face brightening blush department.

I do love a bit of MyFace – it’s a stand-alone fabulous makeup collection, and then add in the price point (I think this blush is £9.99, which is just unbelievable!) and you can’t go past them. Certainly there is nothing else in the High Street that compares to it, in my opinion. (Revlon is good too but I’m afraid their foundations let them down – I’ve reviewed the MyFace MyMix foundation before, and it’s amazing).

I also love the way they’ve broken down the makeup categories into Fair, Medium and Medium Dark, so even the most un-makeup savvy person can choose colours that will end up on their face, and not stuck at home in some drawer. Everyone needs the perfect pink blush, and this is it for me right now.




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  1. I was really interested to read your thoughts on this. I had wondered if the range was any good but never tried it myself. I will have a look at this colour, it sounds like a good introduction to their line.

    1. I absolutely love this line – I have tried bits of most of it, and I’m yet to find a dud product. If all I was allowed to buy was drugstore makeup, I’d buy all MyFace, it’s that good! And it all works together beautifully and with the relevant skintone. I think Paradisio Pink would be great on you, as you’re quite fair (like me). Another good introduction piece would be the Eyeshadow Trio in Whole Latte Love, three beautiful browns. I’ll be reviewing that in the coming weeks.

  2. I have this blush, the foundation, and the trio eyeshadows they are all amazing! The only thing I would say is bad is the packaging. I have wrestled with the compacts for ages to try and open them. I can’t explain well enough but there must be two layers of plastic and I end up pulling the top part rather than the opening. Also I tried the concealer but the screw bit broke in to pieces! I took it back to boots got another one and 2 weeks later it did the same thing! Really annoying as thought it was a great formula!! Anyone else had this problem?? x

    1. I have had a problem with one of the eyeshadows, as you say you have to fiddle with it to open it. And yes it is annoying! I can live with it though as the makeup inside is really good.

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