Secret Weapon: Myface Mymix Foundation

myface foundationThis is my base discovery of the year – it is the perfect product for women who need some coverage, but don’t want to wear a proper foundation. It is the best ‘real life’ foundation I have tried in years.

Regular readers of MM will know that Myface Cosmetics is a bit of a favourite line of mine, since pretty much everything I have tried from the line is excellent. The colour pay-off and shade selection on the coloured products is fantastic, and the price point is drugstore as opposed to department store. Myface is a fantastic range for everyday life, and I also keep quite a few of the products in my kit for editorial work.

Why is this foundation my unsung hero of my makeup bag? It’s like a beefy tinted moisturiser, and now that I have reached an age where my skin needs a bit more help, true tinted moisturisers have been relegated to the weekend. I need more coverage now as my skin seems to get redder and more blotchy as the years roll on. The Myface foundation really mimics skin, providing a glow and covering what needs to be covered without sticking to pores or looking like makeup. I apply my makeup in direct sunlight, so I can really see what’s going on, and it just disappears in, making all my manky red bits go away.

It also comes in 9 shades which pretty comprehensively covers the range of skintones, including tawny Indian and light complected black skins. Unfortunately it doesn’t extend as far on the shade spectrum as I would like, leaving truly dark and pale skins unnacounted for, but it is a more comprehensive shade selection than some of the European prestige lines.

In fact, I would go as far as to say it’s a pretty good substitute for Chanel Vitalumiere! And a third of the price. I’ve been using it now every day on myself for at least six months, and for me it’s perfect. If your skin is very oily I would think it might be a bit greasy or shiny for you, but for drier or more mature skins who need a bit of help without wanting to delve into real foundation territory, this is for you.

A word of warning with the container though – I love its lightweight plastic design and the smooth pebble-y feel of it, but if you’re flying, double-bag it first as it does have a tendency to leak. Not good if it’s in your handbag!

Myface Cosmetics can be bought at Boots chemists in the UK and online at

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  1. Hi there,

    I am quite curious about the Becca 3 step skin perfecting makeup system: have you tried the tinted moisturizer (Luminous Skin Colour) and the Stick Foundation? If yes, what skintype would this suit best?


    1. I love the Becca range in general – everything I have tried from it is consistently good. I also love the Becca Luminsers, they are amazing, however I haven’t tried the Tinted Moisturiser so I can’t comment on that. I do use the stick foundations and concealers in my kit, and think they are particularly good for people who don’t find their shade in some of the more conventional ranges. I only use the stick foundation where needed to even out the skintone, not all over as I imagine that might look a bit heavy. Generally cream or stick foundations are better for people with drier skin, than oily skin.

  2. Sorry the above post is off-topic but I know you raved about the Becca compact concealer and I’m curious about the brand (plus I love the one product I own, the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl)!

  3. This sounds truly nice & would be lovely for my commercial/corporate work as well.
    Is this line available stateside?

    Also a quickie I’ve found to be invaluable when flying if a double bag isn’t available is to place a thin piece of plastic (think shopping bag) over the nozzle or opening of any of your liquid items then place/screw the cap on.
    Makes it airtight as long as you cut the plastic big enough to cover all the way down the neck of the container.

    hth some & thanks for sharing so much!


    1. Thank you for that top tip! I will totally be trying that one next time I travel. With regards to Myface in the US, I’m not exactly sure what their plans are – I have emailed to find out for you though, so when I hear back I will let you know. It’s gorgeous for everyday wear and private clients.

  4. Do you know if the myface range is available anywhere in Australia? Neither the UK or US website ship to aus and im really keen to try it!

    1. As far as I know, it’s not available in Australia at the moment. However I will try and find out if that will change. I’d love for it to come to Oz!

  5. Hey there, I have been recommened this make-up time and time again, the only problem is that i have quite bad skin – quite a few spots. Does this foundation over up acne?
    Also, how long does it stay on for?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. MyFace Mymix gives a beautiful glowing base that you then need to use a good concealer over to cover your spots (it’s the best way of covering them, in my opinion). It does depend on your skin type though as I probably wouldn’t recommend the Myface if you have very oily skin, and you need to check the colour is right for your skintone (which you can do by holding the bottle up next to your cheek with a mirror. That will give you a good idea). In terms of good concealers for blemishes, I like Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage, or Becca concealer and I also hear good things about Ruby and Millie’s cream concealer.

    1. I actually carry all of them! But I find F2, M2 and MD2 are probably the ones I use the most, however I would recommend having about four that you could mix and match. It is such good foundation.

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