Secret Weapon: MAC Brow Gel

Mac Brow GelLet’s talk about eyebrows for a moment. This is one of those products that is so mind-bogglingly simple and effective that you think everyone must know about it, but I’m always amazed when I do private clients and they have never even heard of it.

Brow Gel is a tube like a mascara wand and tube that has a clear gel inside it, and when you run it through your brows it invisibly grooms them, gives them an oh so subtle sheen, and most importantly, holds them in place. Why is that so exciting I hear you ask? Well if you have to ask that, you apparently don’t need it. Some brows need it more than others. For those with sweet, tame little arches that look the same year in and year out and never need plucking, tending, pencilling or re-arranging, you can just stop reading now. I know there are a few of you lucky people out there. I am however, not one of them.

From having gigantor brows in the 80’s that needed a hedge trimmer to tame them, through to the 90’s when my brows all but disappeared when I plucked them all away (curse your elfin beauty in those CK Calvin Klein ads Kate Moss, it’s all your fault!), and now to the noughties when my brows have valiantly struggled to grow back but in sexy patches, I am one of those people who need brow help. Lots of it. Of the grooming and pencilling kind, every day, or else I look like a mad woman.

So brow gel is always in my kit, both personally, and professionally – and the one I love the most? MAC. They also do fancy coloured ones which I have, but to be brutally honest I don’t really use. Clear looks good on every brow colour, holds it in place and a tube will last you forever. So no more mad woman brows. The hedge trimmer is optional.

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  1. So, how do you apply it? Brush the hairs down and then slick through and back in place? And presumably if you put pencil or shadow on, you do that first? Any recommendation for the best brow pencil? I have the Dior brow styler which is great but only available in the US (or was when I got it), and an Armani one which is now very tatty but which produces nice natural brows. I also have a Clé de Peau set in black and grey which I have never learnt to use. However I put it on, it makes me look like I have a bad dye job.

    1. Yes, apply your brow powder or pencil first, then comb through the gel with the wand. It delivers the right amount of product, so you can’t really go wrong.

      For brow pencils it does depend on your brow colour, but I love MAC pencils and also Laura Mercier’s. If the Cle de Peau set doesn’t look right when you apply it, it might be too dark. Give it a miss!

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