MakeupMole @ London Fashion Week – Eon Jeong Show

Eon JeongSo the madness begins! London Fashion Week has kicked off again and I can guarantee that right at this moment hundreds of hairdryers are being used, lips are getting stained in all sorts of colors and mascara is going on lovely curled lashes all over this fair city. I’ll be bringing you the beauty breakdowns as they happen – the clothes, the girls, but most importantly – what eyeliner are they wearing?

Our first backstage report comes courtesy of makeup artist Niamh Kavanagh who is quite the lady in demand this season. She has shows all over town on teams ranging from Sam Bryant’s to Charlotte Tilbury’s. Her first show was Eon Jeong, with key makeup artist, Polly Osmond.

Eon Jeong was held at Somerset House which is Fashion Base Camp this season, and the energy backstage was off the charts! Alain Pichon was rocking out crazy big hair which is already looking like becoming something of a trend this season, storming the runways of New York and now hopping the pond over to London.

The show was sponsored by Loreal Cosmetics. The makeup was icy white eyes with a very clean base.

Base – L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets foundation, all over to even skin tone

Eyes – Studio Secrets white eyeliner inside and around both upper and lower eyelids

Mascara – Using the white of the Double Extension Renewal mascara to add a ‘touch of white’ to the lashes, top and bottom

Lips – Finish off with Studio Secrets lip lacquer 410 by gently pressing in to the lip with tips of fingers

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