Les Pop Up Summer Collection de Chanel

Just because:

a) it’s the yummiest collection I’ve seen for awhile,

b) it reminds me of summer

c) it’s makeup artist Peter Philips’ little ‘holding collection’ to tide us all over in those gasp! makeup-collection free days in between the Spring and Summer makeup releases

d) it’s Chanel.

‘Nuff said.

On counter in the UK May 10, 2010

Les Pop up de Chanel
Photo courtesy of Kay Montano

8 Replies to “Les Pop Up Summer Collection de Chanel”

    1. I know but then you see what’s inside as well, and it’s always tasty stuff! I’m loving the Kaska beige eyeshadow quad at the moment too.

    1. Thanks Finn. OK, you’ve inspired me to try a nice strong red lipstick – it’s been a looooong time since I’ve worn it!

  1. havent been on here in some time …:-(…and forgot what i was missing!!

    this collection looks fab!! love chanel products!!

    thanks for posting!!


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