Summer Lovin’: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

Or “Tranny powder”, as I like to call it, but unless you’re Jodie Harsh you probably shouldn’t follow in my footsteps.

When it’s as hot as London has been this summer, something everybody needs is a good translucent powder, and I’ve been using Laura Mercier’s for oh, about 9 years now. I’ve used it on beach shoots in Sydney , CEOs in the States, and sweaty models in the banlieues of Paris, and even in the hottest conditions it’s stood the sticky potato-face test without looking cakey, floury or as if you’re auditioning for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

Its finely milled French cashmere talc absorbs oil and stops shine without looking over-done, which is understandable when you know its creator – Laura Mercier is one of the greatest session makeup artists ever and a personal fave of mine. Her extensive and lovely line of makeup was created with both makeup artists and consumers in mind, which is why it turns up in both handbags and professional kits alike. And why, dear readers, I use it for work, (and for my sometimes sweaty self), and you can confidently use it on yourselves in these hot summer months!

The secret (like most things) is in the application. Puffs and sponges will deposit too much powder, and I’m not a fan of the big brush either – too 90’s. You aren’t seeking to eradicate your face with powder, just to set your makeup and to dust off shine. So using a small brush (I like Ruby and Millie’s 10mm, available at Boots), just take it over your t-zone – forehead, nose and chin, and what Gisele accurately but un-charmingly calls the “bulldog creases” for those lines that run from nose to chin. (Then again, only Gisele could call them that as there is nothing bulldog about that girl!)

The cheeks are left au naturel as a little bit of shine here is what pulls the look together and makes it modern (if you want to make yourself look 1000 years old, powder all over, I dare you!)

A note for our darker skinned ladies – translucent powder always bills itself as powder that looks good on every skin tone, but on darker skins it can look ashy. Better picks for you are Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder in Basic Brown or Golden Orange, which Kay Montano has used on Salma Hayek in the desert and swears it doesn’t over-build or get cakey, no matter how much you use it.

Because even when it’s hot it’s about the glow (not the sweaty potato face).

2 Replies to “Summer Lovin’: Laura Mercier Translucent Powder”

  1. I hope you you the largest concentration of Europeans outside of Europe is in central/south america! just because youre a dark skin color,doesnt mean you can call non dark women..dark. She is very pale! and like many celebs,bronzes!

    1. I’m sorry if you found my wording insulting or insensitive, I didn’t mean it to be. I know there are literally thousands of different skin tones out there, so all I meant by using the word “dark” was “non-Caucasian or Asian” as both those skin tones can wear loose translucent powder without it looking ashy, but skin tones darker than this might be better with a different powder (this includes Middle-Eastern, Hispanic, black, South American and deep golden Mediterranean skin tones). I think you’ll agree this is quite an unwieldy explanation for the post, so rather than getting too specific I chose the word “dark”. I do apologise if I offended you. One of the things I think is really important in my blog and beauty writing is making sure that people of ALL skin tones and ethnicities have information about the right products for their skin tone, as this info can be hard to come by in mainstream media. Of course it’s all based on my opinion and research from my work as a makeup artist, not scientifically based. I’ll keep your concern in mind when writing future posts. Thanks for your comment.

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