Latest Lipstick Loves…

Chanel GenialIt’s gotta be Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Super, Genial and Darling. Super because it’s super hot candy pink, which let’s face it is always a winner, Genial because it’s a gorgeous punchy coral – a firm MM favourite in the colour stakes, and Darling, because it’s neither of those – it’s not for statement lips, it’s for your lips, just better. The perfect nothing colour. Who could ask for more than that?

4 Replies to “Latest Lipstick Loves…”

  1. i always read rave reviews about Channels lippy’s – and im so intrigued! Like the sound of the Darling one too -I love the ‘im not wearng any make-up kinda make-up’ : ) – thanx for the tip!

    1. I love no-makeup makeup too! It’s hard to find products that really look like nothing, so I’m kind of obsessed with Darling. But really, any Chanel lipstick is good times.

  2. yes i love that genial rouge allure. i got it 2 years ago, and i just ran out. ive been looking for it all over the place and i cant seem to have any luck finding it. Any ideas on where to get it?

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