Kay Montano’s new Beauty Videos

Celebrity makeup artist Kay Montano has new video tutorials! Fresh from making up Anne Hathaway in Oslo (for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, as you do), she has a slew of wonderful makeup tutorials out on the uber-trendy London site, www.becausemagazine.com. Here’s a gorgeous red lippie one, perfect for those holiday parties – if you’re not all partied out yet!

Visit becauselondon.com/beauty-tutorials

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      1. Tried it; loved it. Putting the pencil on first makes a huge difference. Instead of looking like I was trying to reinvent the undereye circles with which my father cursed me (seriously, my four-year old nephew, who sleeps like the dead, has them) and which I cover up first, it looked much more delicate, but still smoky. This make-up thing is just weird. Why does it work? Plus I finally found a use for a blending brush I’d bought ages ago but which I had rejected as far too soft and skinny to do anything useful. Now, it has purpose. Isn’t that great? Everything should have a purpose.

        Instead of using her purple/grey colours, I used Chanel’s Taupe Grise because I was going to work in an all-black woven suit, with black opaque tights, and black snake-effect shoes. So, I had black on black on black (albeit with texture) and I fancied the sole bit of colour being my lipstick. (Yea, I am the Lawyer of Death). Anyway, I picked a sort of red-cranberry shade (my concession to Christmas), in which case a neutral-toned eye seemed to be the way to go. However, my black gel liner on the top lash line seemed too heavy for the T. Grise so maybe I should have gone for something not quite stark – perhaps more of a brown-black? And someone did ask me whether I was going out that evening, which might have been a comment on whether my TG smokey eye was suitable for work. But I don’t care. I’m wearing bright purple eyeshadow today (from the Estée Lauder Blue Dahlia lilac palette) with my grey suit and purple top, and EL Crystal Baby lipstick. If you’re gonna wear make-up, then wear it I say.

        I’ve seen the pencil-first thing done elsewhere, particularly on the Ford Models videos on youtube, but it always looks too extreme. Either the model ends up looking someone with whom you could play connect the dots with her piercings, or you feel that she needs the services of someone who could take out a restraining order against her boyfriend. And if it does this to a woman who makes her living having her photograph taken and for whom tinted moisturiser is OTT, then what hope for Ms Only-Ever-Really-Average-And-Then-On-A-Good-Day like me?

        Happy Christmas.

        1. Thanks for your lovely comment! I’m glad you found Kay’s videos useful – and there’s nothing like finding out the secret to doing a smoky eye on yourself without looking like a crackhead – every woman should know how to do it and look gorgeous. I hope you had a great Christmas and have a fab New Year!

  1. I was watching the smokey eye and I have few questions. Does lining the eye with both pencil and liquid liner make a big difference? Also I notice in the video she uses a Mac eye shadow but it isn’t listed below? although another shadow is listed that I never saw her use?

    1. Yes, it does make a big difference as that gradation of colour from using both a pencil and a liquid liner is what gives the eye that ‘pop’ that makes it look really amazing. With regards to the shadows Kay used in the tutorial I’m afraid I wasn’t assisting Kay on that day so it’s a bit difficult to see what she used. There must have been a slight mix-up with the shadows credited as you’re quite right, it says Myface’s Eye Trio in Midnight Hour was used, although if it was it wasn’t filmed. Kay does use Midnight Hour a lot for a smoky eye though – I’ve seen her use it on Claudia Schiffer! This is such a beautiful look.

  2. Thanks for the reply, I love your blog. I will try the smokey eye out. Should the gel liner be applied right on top of the pencil or just above? Sorry To ask so many questions.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like it. You need to apply the pencil first, THEN the gel liner but the gel liner should be thinner than the pencil – this optical illusion is what makes your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

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