The Interview: James Pecis

James Pecis

Tagged last month by British Vogue as one of the rising stars of the international creative firmament, New York based hairdresser James Pecis is going from strength to strength, booking editorials with photographers like Mario Testino, Liz Collins, Tim Walker, Miles Aldridge and Mariano Vivanco. His work regularly graces Harper’s Bazaar, British Vogue, Numero and V magazine, and aside from being a wonderful hairdresser he’s one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. Last time I worked with James we shot a TopMan Campaign together in London (with the rather gorgeous Louis Simonon, son of iconic Clash guitarist, Paul Simonon), and James is just such a wonderful person to be around. Plus he has the best tattoos I’ve ever seen – his hands alone are a work of art!

What are you working on at the moment?

Last week was Teen Vogue, French Vogue, Numero and now we are starting the campaigns for the season. It’s a fun and busy time.

Favourite hair job ever?

I don’t think there could be a favorite. I’m fortunate to get to do, see, and travel to amazing places for my job. I couldn’t have a favorite…  just lots of amazing memories and more to come.

Top 5 products?

  1. Surf Spray by Bumble & Bumble
  2. -Elnett hairspray by L’Oreal
  3. -Tecni.Art Pli by L’Oreal
  4. -Light Elements Texturising Cream by Aveda
  5. -Water – by mother nature

Best hair tip ever?

Hair grows

How did you get started in the business?

Years of assisting and hard work.

How is it different to when you started?

A lot has changed in a short time. The obvious would be the switch from analog to digital and the use of new electronic medias and moving images. Most photo assistants today could not load a 5X4 back and most hairdressers could not do a full head of marcel waves properly with tongs. But the competition is stronger than ever before which increases the demand to not only be creative, talented, and professional, but you also need to be fast, nice, and have impeccable taste.

Favourite looks for the next coming season?

Girls being creative and styling their own hair. Twisting, braiding, back-combing, pinning…. Just developing their own styles. Mixes of vintage with modern. Having fun and enjoying playing with their hair.

What do you love doing in your spare time?

Hmmmm….spare time….not a lot of that…..I may get this new operation so I don’t have to sleep anymore. I can stay awake 24/7.  Then I’ll have more spare time. I like to keep my hands and mind busy. I sew, make books, make felt hats, stickers, write letters, spend time with friends, yoga, exhibitions, etc.

James is represented in New York and London by D+V Management.  You can view his portfolio at

James Pecis

James Pecis

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