In My Makeup Kit: Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick in True Coral

Tom Ford Lipstick

Ladies, it’s time to start planning Spring makeup. Enough with the heavy coats and the tights and the legs that are so dry they look like Victoria Beckham’s new alligator purses, enough, ENOUGH!

It’s time to start thinking about the season ahead, the one where you will be warm and you can wear clothes that make you feel like sunshine. To that end, today’s recommendation about what you will be needing, is a new lipstick. Not just any old lipstick though, and I’m sorry to do this to you at the beginning of the year when you’ve probably got your credits cards, quite literally, on ice, in the refrigerator, but I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do. This lipstick has me in its thrall, and it ain’t cheap.

Namely True Coral, by Tom Ford. I have blogged about these incredible lipsticks before when they launched, but it’s time to rhapsodise again. This lippie will spoil you for other lipsticks. It is rich, opulent and delicious. Its formulation is just so beautiful that it practically applies itself – one coat and you’re done. It gives you lips like Elizabeth Taylor sipping a mai tai in Acapulco in a caftan – gorgeous and 60’s in the best possible way (are you proud of me? I didn’t mention Mad Men once yet. And I won’t – except to say oh my God are you watching Season 4?? It’s unbelievable).

I love everything about this lipstick – the packaging is original, classic, elegant yet still cool, much like Mr Ford himself. It’s for grown up women, and I can guarantee this lipstick will be going nowhere near a festival this year. As for the colour? It’s a true, perfect Technicolour coral, one of the many colours that will be huge once Spring kicks in with a vengeance. It makes me dream of sunshine and palm trees, cat’s eye glasses and tans, cocktails and swimming pools. Oh and alright then, Don Draper. But don’t hold it against me.

Tom Ford Private Blend lipsticks are available from Harrods and Selfridges in London, and David Jones in Australia.

But this is a lipstick that could change all that. I’m ready to bust out some colour and head to Acapulco way…

8 Replies to “In My Makeup Kit: Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick in True Coral”

  1. Just as one starts to go on a money diet you bring this up! Although, I was wondering as the photos always show the lips of the TF lipsticks a tad bit glossy – is that the case? Or is it actually a bit more satiny in texture?

    1. I know, sorry for crashing the money diet. I couldn’t hold off any longer though, I’m just so ready to get on with the Spring makeup deliciousness.

      TF lipsticks are definitely more of a satin texture, and I think they use quite a lot of gloss in the ads. Satin lipsticks actually last beautifully and feel amazing on, and you can always add clear gloss when you fancy it.

    1. I think it’s my favourite coral lippie now too, and I was pretty enamoured of MAC’s Vegas Volt before this new guy came into my life!

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