In My Makeup Kit: RMS Un Cover-up Concealer

I’ve blogged recently about how sensitive my eyes are now. As in, a great day is when I can wear hypo-allergenic eyeshadow as a liner! Wooh! Party patrol – push that makeup boat out.

So as seeing as my eyes are now special needs, I’m trying to reduce the chemical exposure on everything that goes near my eyes – including my personal concealer.

Which has led me to RMS Un Cover-up concealer. RMS is the brain-child of celebrity makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift. After having some personal health issues a few years ago, she discovered that her blood contained high level of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, many of which can be found in cosmetics. She realized she could use her in-depth makeup knowledge to create a better, non-toxic version. And thus, a brand was born.

I’d heard great things about her products before and I know Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr is a big fan of her whole range (Rose-Marie is her go-to makeup artist in NY.)

The concealer which you can get from Cult Beauty (WARNING! This is a very dangerous site. May lead to losing hours off your life browsing and significant amounts off your credit card. You will emerge prettier though).

The concealer is lovely and dense, so It covers well, definitely better than other organic and natural concealers I have tried. Even though its texture is dense it still melts into the skin so it doesn’t look cakey or masky – even in the delicate under eye area. Best of all, it doesn’t hurt your eyes, which some of my other non-natural concealers do when my eyes are bad. And let’s face it, when your eyes already look like you could be auditioning as an extra in Watershoip Down, they don’t need to feel like you’re surrounding them with toxic waste, let me tell you.

It comes in a beautiful glass pot which is great for real life when it lives on your dressing table, not so great for makeup artists who have to carry a chunk of glass around (although I have the solution to that one – Decant, baby, decant. Or you will look like the HunchBack of Notre Dame by the time you’re 30 lugging all that makeup around).

Its moisturizing (but not nastily shiny) texture comes from its natural ingredients including raw coconut oil, cocoa butter, castor oil and jojoba oil.

There are lots of other products from the RMS line that I’m now keen to try – love the look of the luminzers, and the eyeshadows look like a good option for my poor makeup-resistant peepers. Maybe I am allowed to visit Cult beauty again – just this once?

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