In My Makeup Kit: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks

Revlon you naughty minx you – you just keep on bringing out new and lovely products I have to find room for in my kit.

I’ve only recently had a kit clean out and made space for your Just Bitten lip stains and the Lip Butters (pretty much all of them), and now you have revamped your Super Lustrous lipsticks, and I’ll be needing space for those as well!

These are gorgeous. They are moisturizing, go on like a dream and are nice and pigmented. For those of you who think you need to buy NARS or Chanel or Dior to get a great lipstick, think again. These are right up there with the more expensive ones. I also like the comprehensive shade selection, which runs the gamut from bright fuchsia to amazing reds to early 60’s pinks (that will be coming out to play in an upcoming beauty shoot) and rich wines and berries, perfect for the cooler weather.

The lipsticks come in 48 colours,in Australia and with lovely actress Emma Stone (my new girl crush) as the spokesmodel, I’m totally sold. Although I am cross that they have just bought out ANOTHER range of fab lipsticks called Colorstay Ultimate Suede that I have yet to try but word from the blogosphere is they are ace. At this rate I’m going to need a Segway just to carry my lipsticks!


8 Replies to “In My Makeup Kit: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks”

  1. I’ll check these Revlon lipsticks out. My fav is Dior Addict – the very sheer ones in the silvery translucent case.
    I love your Secret Weapon page. Please add more stuff – pretty please !! I love to see what mua’s love and trust.

    1. I’ve got a couple of the Dior Addict lippys somewhere, and I do remember really liking them. They’re very juicy. Thanks for reminding me about them.

      Also thanks for your kind words about Secret Weapon! I have some new posts I’m working on for that section. It’s been hard to focus on writing those posts as I’ve had a lot on and since it’s stuff I use all the time, I tend to forget about blogging about them. But keep an eye out – I’ve dug some good stuff out of my kit to write up.

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