In My Makeup Kit: MAC LipMixes

These are, in a word, awesome. Super pigmented lipsticks in a deep cream formula that you dispense from a small artist tube, and you mix to custom blend your own shades. Amazing, right?

It’s so funny that I don’t blog about MAC more often (note to self, must rectify that). I think it’s because they are such a workhorse brand in my kit that I don’t think about them as much as I should do. Their products are just there, trusty, reliable, ready to be used on every single job. Also I think I overdosed on MAC when I was younger – the MAC counter at Harvey Nichols in London was one of my first destinations back in the 90’s, where I bought my first Spice lipliner – sadly it never looked as good on me as it did on Linda Evangelista –  and various shades of dead person brown lippy that were the shizzle back in those days.

Then MAC was the cornerstone of my kit for along time, and gradually I started to phase in loads of lovely new brands and products – Shu Uemura, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Illamasqua, NARS, Myface, Dior and Tom Ford and YSL – oh God stop me now! So because MAC was always there, and sponsoring the shows, and just around, I didn’t take so much notice when I used their lovely products in my kit.

But it’s time for me to get my MAC back on, and I thought Lip Mixes are a great place to start. Pretty much every makeup artist I know has these guys in their kit, as they come in – not that many shades, but once you start mixing, there’s no stopping you! Deep burgundy, bright red, pure orange, yellow, black, white, even blue shades mean that you can mix in different colours to create whatever shade you fancy. I love them as they are deep and velvety matte, and if you want to add gloss, well away you go once you’ve painted on your desire shade. Just add a lipbrush and a painter’s beret and voila! Instant Van Gogh (inspirational madness and severed ear not included).

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4 Replies to “In My Makeup Kit: MAC LipMixes”

  1. Do they bleed in fine lines??
    I bought Lush Emotionnal Brilliance in strong and I HATE IT how it migrates in my fine lines after 30 minutes or wear.
    I am wondering if I invest in Lipmix in Orange or if I splurge in Hourglass Riviera…

    1. Hi – sorry for the major delay in replying! I’ve been having some issues getting into my comments page on the blog. I tend to use the LipMix on Editorials so for models who are young and don’t have fine lines (lucky things!) For more mature skins I use lipstick and lipliner, which I find holds well on fine lines generally. Perhaps go to MAC and get them to test the LipMix out on you before you decide?

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