In My Makeup Kit: MAC Face and Body foundation

Recently I’ve had to radically downsize my kit, as you know what? My body doesn’t love me carrying my bodyweight in makeup to and from work every day.

So I’ve stripped my kit back to bare bones, re-tuned the chassis, super-charged the performance and fine-tuned it to just what I need.

One of the few foundations that survived the cull? MAC Face and Body (although I decanted the ass of them first, as they come in jumbo outsize bottles which I love, but they weigh a ton). I carry it in five colors, (although there are many more available) ranging from pure white to deep mahogany. I won’t go on a job without it, mainly for its extraordinary body improving abilities. It’s like a gym and a solarium in a jar (but with a lot less effort involved).

It evens out the skin tone, making it look smooth and polished, taking the color up a couple of notches, or many to a deep dark tan if desired. Or down to a Twilight pale glow if that’s more your speed. The finish can be built up with two coats to robotic and plasticized, or one coat for a more natural glow. Simply apply liberally with bare hands, smoothing it out – but be careful of pale colored clothing, as it can transfer. And it is literally the wonder-product for what I call ‘corned beef’ legs – pale, translucent, slightly blue, the color of well – you get the picture. And not what you want in a picture peeking out from a Prada dress.

Another lovely thing – it’s a beautiful, super sheer face foundation. Applied either with fingers or a brush it will give you the baby skin (you wish) you were born with.

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  1. Hey,

    This confirms all my research, I’m looking to stock my junior kit up and was wondering what shades you have it in?

    1. I usually only keep four in my kit (and decanted as those dudes are heavy!) I carry a white, C2, C6 and maybe N9 or N10 if I’m on a show for the black girls (although there skin is usually so beautiful just body moisturiser will suffice!) They do go off after 6-12 months though, so splitting the cost by going halves with a makeup artist friend is usually a good idea – it’s pretty rare to get through a whole bottle before it goes off.

  2. Hi, I’m thinking of buying this product, because its light and seems perfect for me. But I heard that some people have said that this foundation doesnt have a long shelf life. It is quite expensive, but I dont think I could keep stocking up on it, if it goes off. What were your experiences with its shelf life?

    Thank you.

    1. It does go off. Shelf life on mine seems to be between 6-24 months (which is quite good I think). It’s just because it’s such a huge bottle that it takes so long to finish it! You can still use it when it goes a bit coagulated, you just have to shake it. It is a lovely foundation with a very sheer, light coverage. If you are worried about it, perhaps check with the MAC counter when they were delivered – the problem for me has always been ones I bought that I think were a bit old to start off with. I hope that helps!

    1. It’s very hard for me to say without seeing your skin in person as there are two ranges in Face and Body, the C and the NC. Generally I stick with the C range in my kit and it’s fine on everyone I use it on. Have you tried emailing MAC through their website, I’m guessing you don’t live near a counter.

      1. Without meeting you I wouldn’t be able to say, unfortunately! I’m guessing you are buying online? One thing I would say about Face & Body is that because it is a very light foundation, you can go a shade darker than you would in a thicker foundation and it will just warm your skin up, without looking too unnatural. But I would hate to advise you on the wrong colour. I’m not sure if that helps at all, sorry!

  3. Hey! So I’m buying some for my kit but I really don’t want to buy all of them. Since I have never really used them( I only own the white) I am clueless to what comes to get… And I know in the end there are only 3-5 you use the majority of the time. Could you tell me the colors of the five you always carry or recommend me getting? Would be really appreciated!!

    1. I think probably 3-4 would be plenty (plus the white that you already have). I like the C range, and as it’s quite sheer you can go darker than you might think – I carry it up until C7, and get a mixture of the shades below so I can mix and match. It’s an amazing foundation.

  4. hey !! i wanna buy mac but i m confused that which colour i should buy so that it must match my skin colour n dont look over m nc but dont know nc 40 or other else??

    1. Hi there, I’m afraid it’s difficult for me to say what colour is right without meeting you, as I don’t know what your skintone is. If you can get to a MAC counter they are usually pretty good at matching your skin colour. Just take a hand mirror with you and get them to put a couple of options on your jawline, then take your mirror outside to check which one disappears – that’s the one for you. The lighting in department stores is always terrible so it’s important to check it in natural light – that way you’ll get the most natural finish possible.

  5. Another newbie here setting up my kit. I was going to buy c1, c3, c5, n1, n3, n5 and white as reccomended on another site?
    Does that sound about right.
    Will I beable to match all skin types with these?
    Also have you found you have had to use a foundation other than this for certain clients?
    If so what do you recommend?

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