In My Makeup Kit: Bobbi Brown Extreme Party mascara

Kicking off the New Year in lash-tastic style, this is my latest favourite mascara. I have to be honest and say mascara is the one product I am reeeeally disloyal to. I’m talking a total mascara ho – I generally have one that I’m using when I want to be sure that I don’t look like a stripper left in the rain (black raccoon eyes at work, not so much), and a whole slew of wannabes waiting in the wings that I’m testing. I like to test them for at least a month as some of those dudes outperform at the beginning and then turn dry and gunky, others may not dazzle the first time out of the tube but on the 2nd and 3rd try (once the formula has settled a bit), they can be fab. So, bottom line is, you never know, and the there’s always a mascara somewhere out in the world you haven’t tried.

So, explanation over and the newest addition to my mascara family (after an exorbitant TWO MONTH testing period), is Bobbi Brown’s Extreme Party mascara. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest because although Bobbi is known for lots of great makeup products, generally mascara isn’t one of them – but I was really pleasantly surprised. It reminds me a bit of DiorShow without the silly jumbo brush thing going on. I know lots of people love the oversized Dior brush, but if your eyes tend more to the baked bean size (ahem) than grapefruit, I find it’s a little unwieldy. The BB Extreme Party brush gets in and kind of feathers the lashes as the brush grips at the root, and doesn’t deposit too much product at the end, so your lashes look longer, thicker, blacker and …well, just really nice actually. And it’s pretty buildable – more coats looks nice and it doesn’t flake throughout the day.

So even if in the sad month of January you don’t have any Extreme Parties to go to (I know for me it’s more like Extreme Tracksuit at the moment), still this mascara will do your new year lashes a power of good.

4 Replies to “In My Makeup Kit: Bobbi Brown Extreme Party mascara”

  1. I love mascara and always get disgruntled when they dry out or run out.. but its always good to try new things 🙂 I am currently loving RImmels sexy curves mascara and it doesnt break the bank too.
    When it dies I will be checking out this one.
    Ive just found your blog and am settling down with a coffee to have a read through but I really like it so far.


    1. I have heard good things about the Rimmel Sexy Curves also, so I’ll have to give it a try as well. Just when you think you’ve tried them all…!

  2. im very picky when it comes to mascara’s …and my favourites have to be loreal ones and love the lancome hypnose mascara!! its great for day-time wear as it looks very natural and whenever im going out i just build more coats and its excellent!
    hmmmmm but my lancome is running out…so i might give this one a go.


    1. I haven’t tried the Lancome Hypnose mascara yet, but it is on my list! The other one I’m really liking at the moment is the La Metier de Beaute one, however it is in the early testing stages – so I will post about it later if it makes it through.

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