In My Makeup Kit: Aesop Christmas Gift Sets

Makeup Gifts ChristmasHow can you have a Christmas Gift Set in your kit, I hear you scoff? Well that’s easy my friends, because the beautiful coffret box that the Aesop Gertrude Street set comes in is just the most perfect size to take my decanted foundations, and is now the basis of how I organize my makeup when I’m on a job.

I should be telling you about the delicious contents of the aforementioned box which have made me love Aesop products even more – the Fabulous Face cleanser which is gently cleansing my dehydrated face, waking me up every day with its scent of bergamot and rosemary. You wouldn’t think an olive oil cleanser could feel this yummy, but it does, and it doesn’t cause breakouts either (which some oil cleansers are prone to do).

This particular gift set comes with five beautiful full size products nestled within – the cleanser, the Tea Tree Leaf Facial scrub which when mixed with the cleanser is a wonderful exfoliant, the Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque that’s an amazing treat when your skin feels congested and comes with French clay (fancy) and Vitamin E, the B & Tea Balancing Toner which I’ve blogged about before as it gives you that lovely super clean feeling (nice when it’s hot!). Last but by no means least, the Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream, which is happily nestled on my bedside table, my current standby night cream. All the products have been specifically selected for a warm climate, so it was a welcome addition to my skincare arsenal.

But can I talk about the box again for a minute? This is what has me sold on this set – all my decanted foundations are stacked, perfectly aligned within its sleek black walls, and it zips up at the top so it can just be lifted out of my bag for instant access at work. It’s ace. Like everything from Aesop it is practical, beautiful and luxurious – in a word, classy. And now I can now carry Aesop with me wherever my makeup takes me.

For Christmas this year Aesop have six different sets named after the streets where their shops are internationally, all with a different selection of products to suit every skin and every budget. And I think you’ll know you’ve been very good this year if you find Aesop in your stocking.

The Aesop Christmas sets are on-counter now. For more information, visit

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    1. You really should! Christmas is around the corner so maybe some strong hints in your family’s direction would be good.

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