Illamasqua Launch the Art of Darkness Collection

When Alex Box was in Sydney a couple of months ago, she first told me about the new collection and I was hooked from her description – graphic gold liquid eyeliner, jewel toned pigments and BLUE LIPSTICK! Oh sweet heaven I have been looking for a great blue lipstick for years, never being able to find one that actually felt like a lipstick (not a gloss or a sheer lipstick, but a straight up out of the bullet, true blue colour). When I saw some of the pre-release imagery I nearly passed out as it was like some mad makeup World of Warcraft, a world that I never knew could exist, but the world of Illamasqua and their creative director, Ms Box, made reality.

Here are some of the campaign images and the film – enter a world where makeup has never gone before…

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    1. Yep, it’s pretty mega. I badly need this for my kit. I’d love one in silver as well, imagine how great that would be if they had a silver one too!

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