Right now: Happy New Year Beauty on becauselondon.com

Late last year I was asked by the fabulous London makeup artist, Katie Service (who is now Kay Montano’s first assistant and general gal about town), to do a New Year’s Beauty post for becauselondon.com, which is the online magazine of Tank, purveyors of fresh editorial images and always inspirational.

Here it is for those of you who would like some ideas to freshen up that makeup once the champagne corks have popped and the new year has officially begun. MAKEUP MOLE’S NEW YEAR BEAUTY

And whilst we’re at it, Kay Montano has been posting MORE of her amazing beauty tutorials – this time it’s 70’s Camel, and if the last season of runway shows was anything to go by, 70’s is going to be big again for Spring/Summer.

Get on it!

2 Replies to “Right now: Happy New Year Beauty on becauselondon.com”

  1. Congratulations for your blog!!

    I got to knew of you through Lisa Eldridge’s blog. And… honestly, such poor videos the ones of Katie Service compared to the marvellous ones of Lisa Eldridge, don’t you think?

    Kisses form Spain

    1. Thank you for your kind words about my blog! To be fair to Katie Service’s videos (which I like, along with Lisa Eldridge’s and Pixiwoos), Lisa has great lighting and a makeup studio in which to work, along with post-production and editing – which is why her videos look so sleek and glamorous. Katie does hers herself in between her commitments as Kay Montano’s first assistant, her beauty writing and her own makeup work. I like both of their videos for different reasons.

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