Happy New Year!

Apologies for the silence over Christmas from MM HQ, but due to a French mother-in-law carbohydrate-induced coma, if it hasn’t been edible I haven’t been interested. (In fact, I’ve ingested so many calorie-laden foods, I’ve been barely conscious). That’s not strictly true – there has in fact been lots of product testing going on in between bouts of foie gras, quails and fresh scallops (our house has not been a bastion for animal rights over Christmas I’m afraid).

So MakeupMole will be back in the New Year with all the fab new things I’ve been discovering – because makeup doesn’t stop, even for the holiday season. Questions and requests are always welcome, because if the Mole doesn’t know, she has ways of finding out!

Wishing all the best to my lovely readers for 2010.

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  1. …of course, the last comment escaped before I finished 😉
    Yes, I have tried Future skin fooundation and was very impressed. Natural look and feel, great cover that is totally invisible was superb. I have noticed it was getting a bit more dense though as I was close to finishing thee jar, maybe I did not store it right? So I would love to try another foundation now and wonder what you think is best!
    thanks a lot, Irisha

    1. I find the same thing! Because it lasts ages, the Future Skin does get a bit gloopy by the end of the pot. I have recently tried the Bobbi Brown Skin foundation, and so far I’m really liking it. It’s like a more liquid, slightly heavier tinted moisturiser, but not as heavy as some liquid foundations (which for every day for myself I don’t like). the other good thing about Bobbi’s foundations and concealers is her colour range is pretty good. I apply the BB Skin with my fingers (on myself!) and it’s also nice under the eyes I have found.

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